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In a world where pleasure and desire intertwine, there exists an exhilarating realm known as “ride his face.” It is a territory where passion takes flight, where boundaries are shattered, and where the pursuit of ecstasy reaches new heights. Within this sensual landscape, individuals become fearless explorers, navigating the contours and curves of their partner’s visage with an artistic finesse. It is a journey that transcends the ordinary, a symphony of sensations that dances upon the delicate skin.

Each touch, each caress, is a brushstroke of pleasure, painting an indelible masterpiece of intimacy and connection. So, fasten your seatbelts, for we embark upon a mesmerizing odyssey through a collection of original and innovative quotes, capturing the essence of riding his face—the ultimate expression of passion and fulfillment. Brace yourself, as we delve into a world where pleasure reigns supreme, and let the journey begin.

Top Ride His Face Quotes

The fortunes of the entire world may well ride on the ability of young Americans to face the responsibilities of an old America gone mad. – Phil Ochs

Life is a rollercoaster, and I’m the one riding his face with exhilaration.”

I was going to write a sharp witty email full of devastating one-liners but I suspect you want something nicer than that – Author: Lucy Robinson

“Strap in and get ready for the wildest ride of your life, as I surf the waves on his face.”

 I’d rather walk than ride the airplane, I can fall on the ground flat on my face and die that way. – Author: Jack Kerouac

“Hold on tight as I take you on a face-riding adventure that will leave you breathless.”

The deep purr of her voice brought a sassy grin to his face. The long slant of his eyes grew languid. “You have the reins, cher. You can whip me with them if you like. – Author: Nancy Gideon

“I’m the daredevil of face-riding, defying gravity and embracing the thrill.”

“Feel the wind in your hair and the excitement in your heart as I conquer new territories on his face.”

 No one gets a free ride in life. Sooner or later everyone will face despair in their lifetime. Great are those who can overcome their despair. – Author: Timothy Pina

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“I’m the face-rider extraordinaire, exploring uncharted territories with every thrilling ride.”

You fascinate me.” Chris leaned away so he could see her face. “How so?” “You quote Augustine, and you make an awesome campfire. You carry a rosary in your pocket, and you’re going to work at a brewery. You’re a virgin, and you ride a Harley. – Author: Carolyn Astfalk

“Riding his face is like soaring through the skies on a magic carpet of pleasure.”

Scars are the paler pain of survival received unwillingly and displayed in the language of injury. – Author: Mark Z. Danielewski

“Discover the art of face-riding and unlock a world of unimaginable sensations.”

When the shore is won at last, Who will count the billow past? – Author: John Keble

“The symphony of pleasure awaits as I gracefully dance on his face.”

Tumblr has a big community of bears and bear chasers. All my favorites on Tumblr and all the fan mail I get is all like, “We want to tickle you! What size shoe are you?” They’re all like really big, heavyset, bearded guys who are like, “I want to ride your face like a motorcycle!” – Author: Jon Gabrus

“Life is a carnival, and I’m the fearless face-rider, enjoying every twist and turn.”

Everything in dancing is style, allusion, the essence of many thoughts and feelings. The abstraction of many moments. – Author: Alvin Ailey

“Buckle up and prepare for a face-riding adventure that will make your heart skip a beat.”

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 I am not wise enough to know if there is ever purpose in tragedy, if there is ever virtue in resisting it. If it cannot be overcome, then grief has beaten you, and you are right to say so. – Author: Dan Groat

“Embark on a journey of passion and desire as I trace every contour on his face.”

“Unlock the secrets of pleasure as I navigate the intricate landscape of his face.”

Behind the mask Jackaroo wore, there could be a face of bone, its flesh long since eaten away. Jackaroo could fight as a trained soldier, with swords and shield; he could ride a horse like a Lord; and he had the knowledge of letters which only the Lords held. – Author: Cynthia Voigt

“I’m the face-riding architect, sculpting pleasure with every move.”

 Andy gasped and jumped up, pumping his fists and yelling, “Yahoo!” Alden and the King stared at the spectacle and started laughing. – Author: L.R.W. Lee

“Like a skilled acrobat, I balance on the fine line between ecstasy and bliss on his face.”

She straddles me, ass to my face, reverse cowgirl, tangled hair swinging. And son of a bitch, the woman can ride. – Author: Karen Marie Moning

“Witness the poetry of motion as I glide and slide across his face.”

“Experience the thrill of face-riding and discover a world where pleasure knows no bounds.”

The goal in life is to live young, have fun, and arrive at your final destination – as late as possible – with a smile on your face, because this would mean that you truly enjoyed the ride. – Author: Jon Gordon

“I’m the conductor of pleasure, orchestrating a symphony of sensations on his face.”

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Now, take a breath, lay back, close the book, brush your eyebrows, go check that pimple on your face in the mirror, or better get yourself a cup of coffee. Let this part sink in for a while because the ride will get bumpier when you continue reading. – Author: Cameron Jace

“Riding his face is like traversing a landscape of desire, exploring every peak and valley.”

As with the Princess Di crash, which sent the media on the most insane feeding frenzy. From the moment of the crash, the pornography of sentiment never let up. – Author: Barbara Kruger

“Hold on tight as I take you on a face-riding adventure that will leave you begging for more.”

 Only big goals will provide you with the motivational fuel. This is the fuel required to get over all those obstacles and temporary failures. This is the reason why you wake up and look forward to the day ahead. – Author: Vivek Naik

“I’m the face-riding maestro, conducting a symphony of pleasure with every touch.”

I am the slave of those who hunger and thirst after me and treat everything else as unimportant. – Author: Sai Baba

“Explore the realms of pleasure as I navigate the curves and contours of his face.”

Saw the face of Robert Lee. Incredible eyes. An honest man, a simple man. Out of date. They all ride to glory, all the plumed knights. – Author: Michael Shaara

“Feel the pulse of excitement as I ride his face with passion and intensity.”

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“On the face-riding express, I’ll take you on a journey of pleasure you won’t forget.”

It’s the beard,” I said to my friends matter-of-factly. “It makes me want to just climb up onto his face, hold onto his man-mane, and take a ride. Wait, did I just say that out loud? – Author: J.B. Hartnett

“Like a skilled surfer, I ride the waves of pleasure on his face, chasing the ultimate high.”

“Prepare to be taken to new heights as I ride his face with a hunger for ecstasy.”

 Yes ma’am,” I said, “Anna Celeste’s party is Saturday, but I don’t need a ride … No ma’am. It’s because Anna Celeste is my Sworn Enemy for Life and I’d rather go face-down in a plate of raw chicken entrails than go to her party. Plus I’m not invited … – Author: Sheila Turnage

“Experience the euphoria of face-riding as I navigate uncharted territory with finesse.”

I hate high fashion. I hate that we reward people for being genetic freaks. You hear the guys announcing the runway shows saying, ‘A pretty face is your best asset this season.’ And what? Ugly girls had a free ride last year? – Author: Janeane Garofalo

“Hold onto your heart as I ride his face, igniting a fire of desire within.”

“Step into the realm of face-riding, where pleasure knows no boundaries.”

“I’m the captain of pleasure, steering my way through the uncharted waters of his face.”

I still feel like a novice when it comes to classical theater, but I don’t ever want to become comfortable with anything. The greatest creativity comes from being nervous and uncomfortable. – Author: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

“Indulge in the blissful sensation as I glide across his face, leaving a trail of delight.”

“Join me on the face-riding adventure of a lifetime, where pleasure reigns supreme.”

The Bible is not only laws, it’s also stories. It begins, ‘In the beginning God created Heaven.’ If I had written these words, I wouldn’t have written anything else; it’s just enough. – Author: Elie Wiesel

“I’m the face-riding virtuoso, mastering the art of pleasure one ride at a time.”

Jake buried his face in my neck and kissed a burning trail up it and along my jaw. “Should I ride the elevator of our building up and down all night, hoping you’ll show?” he asked, his voice husky. “Or should we just plan to meet? – Author: Cindi Madsen

“Discover the ecstasy of face-riding as I paint pleasure on his canvas.”

“Feel the rush of adrenaline as I conquer new frontiers on his face.”

Liking something and wanting to take it for a ride are two very different things’, Joslyn sais, climbing out of the truck to stand on the ground. Hutch’s eyes sparkled as he came around to face her. ‘I’m not touching that one with a ten-foot pole,’ he told her. – Author: Linda Lael Miller

“Unleash your inhibitions and surrender to the intoxicating ride of his face.”

 It is spectacular. From about five minutes in, when we knew for sure that we were going to have the weather to go, the smile on my face just got bigger and bigger, and I was just beaming through the whole launch. I mean, it is just an amazing ride. – Author: Chris Hadfield

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