450+ Names That Mean Wanderer for Everyone

The allure of exploration, discovery, and adventure has captivated humankind for millennia. This wanderlust has inspired epic journeys, tales of nomads, and legends of intrepid travelers. It is no surprise that many names that mean wanderer or “nomad,” or “traveler” have emerged across cultures and languages over time. These names often reference mythological or historical figures who embodied the restless spirit of exploration. 

They may also simply describe the act of wandering, roaming, or voyaging. In this essay, we will explore the origins and significance behind names that mean wanderer and evoke images of quests into the unknown, pilgrimages to sacred sites, nomadic lifestyles, and serendipitous rambling. The repetition of wanderer symbolism in naming gives insight into what traits and values appeal to the human imagination. The names cut across language barriers, from English monikers like Pilgrim and Ranger to Gaelic names like Fergus and Navian. Together, they paint a portrait of humanity’s eternal fascination with the call to adventure and the romanticization of the open road.

Names That Mean Wanderer for Boys

Abram – Hebrew for “exalted father” or “high father”

Aros – German for “wanderer”

Arthur – Celtic for “bear”

Auberon – French form of Oberon meaning “noble wanderer”

Aviv – Hebrew for “springtime”

Bard – Gaelic for “minstrel” or “wanderer”

Barron – English for “warrior” or “nomad”

Bartram – Old English for “bright raven”

Becker – German for “baker” or “one who wanders”

Bowen – Welsh for “son of Owen”

Broderick – Gaelic for “wanderer”

Byron – Old English for “at the cattle sheds”

Caio – Latin for “to rejoice”

Cameron – Gaelic for “crooked nose”

Carsten – Scandinavian for “wanderer”

Cason – French for “in transit” or “transient”

Chancy – French for “fortunate” or “lucky”

Chandler – Old French for “candle maker” or “one who wanders”

Chase – Old French for “to travel” or “wander”

Cody – Gaelic for “helper” or “aide”

Colter – English for “charcoal burner” or “wandering woodsman”

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Cosmo – Greek for “order” or “universe”

Cruz – Spanish for “cross”

Cyrus – Persian for “sun” or “throne”

Dag – Scandinavian for “day” or “wanderer”

Dario – Spanish for “to possess good”

Dekker – Dutch for “to cover” or “shelter”

Devan – Indian for “god of the heavens”

Devereux – French for “from Évreux” which means “wandering”

Dion – Greek for “child of heaven and earth”

Dirk – Frisian for “people’s ruler”

Donat – Latin for “gift”

Doyle – Gaelic for “dark stranger” or “wanderer”

Draven – English invented name meaning “a wanderer”

Edric – Old English for “rich wanderer”

Eldon – Old English for “old hill” or “wanderer”

Elton – Old English for “old town”

Emeric – Hungarian form of Emery meaning “work ruler” or “wandering leader”

Emory – German for “work ruler” or “hardy wanderer”

Erez – Hebrew for “cedar” or “wanderer”

Erving – Old English for “sea friend”

Evander – Greek for “good man” or “wandering man”

Ezio – Italian form of Etzel meaning “wanderer”

Fergus – Gaelic for “man of strength”

Ferris – Greek for “rock” or “wanderer”

Finn – Gaelic for “fair” or “wanderer”

Fintan – Irish for “white fire” or “wandering fire”

Fletcher – Old French for “arrow maker” or “wanderer”

Florian – Latin for “flowering” or “wandering”

Fulton – Old English for “from the field town”

Gali – Hebrew for “wave” or “wanderer”

Gerek – Polish form of Gregory meaning “watchful and wandering”

Gershom – Hebrew for “a stranger there”

Graydon – English meaning “gray hill” or “wandering man”

Griffin – Welsh for “strong lord” or “wandering chief”

Grissom – Old English for “gray home” or “wandering home”

Grover – Old English for “grove worker” or “wandering woodsman”

Hadwin – Old English for “brave friend” or “wanderer”

Haethowulf – Anglo-Saxon for “wanderer wolf”

Haldor – Old Norse meaning “Thor’s rock” or “wandering Thor”

Hallam – Old English for “from the hall” or “wandering home”

Hamlin – Old English for “hollow valley” or “wandering through valleys”

Hartwin – German for “brave friend” or “wandering friend”

Haskell – Hebrew for “intelligent” or “wandering mind”

Heath – English for “heather land” or “wandering the moors”

Hedley – Old English for “heather field” or “wandering the fields”

Hermes – Greek name for the messenger god meaning “the wanderer”

Homer – Greek for “hostage” or “wandering captive”

Indie – American meaning “one who wanders”

Ivor – Norse meaning “warrior” or “wandering fighter”

Jasper – Persian for “treasurer” or “wandering minister”

Jethro – Hebrew for “abundance” or “wandering prosperity”

Kai – Hawaiian for “sea” or “ocean wanderer”

Kasper – Persian form of Jasper meaning “treasurer” or “wandering prosperity”

Keaton – Old English for “place of hawks” or “wandering falconer”

Keller – Gaelic for “companion” or “wandering friend”

Kenway – Old English for “brave victor” or “victorious wanderer”

Koda – Native American meaning “friend” or “wandering ally”

Landry – French for “ruler” or “wandering leader”

Leif – Scandinavian for “heir” or “bequeathed wanderer”

Levin – Old English meaning “lightning” or “wandering storm”

Linden – Old English for “lime tree hill” or “wandering the hills”

Loman – German for “lost man” or “wandering man”

Lyam – Hebrew for “my nation” or “wanderer of the land”

Magner – Latin meaning “wanderer” or “nomadic”

Macon – French meaning “from Macon” which means “wandering”

Maddox – Welsh for “beneficent” or “charitable wanderer”

Magnus – Latin for “great” or “great wanderer”

Malachi – Hebrew for “messenger of God” or “divine wanderer”

Mallory – Old French for “unfortunate” or “luckless wanderer”

Marco – Latin meaning “warring” or “battling wanderer”

Marlow – Old English for “lake remains” or “wandering by the lake”

Merrick – Welsh name meaning “fame, power” or “famous, powerful wanderer”

Mikah – Hebrew for “who is like God?” or “Godlike wanderer”

Miles – Latin for “soldier” or “wandering soldier”

Milo – Old German for “merciful” or “compassionate wanderer”

Nash – English meaning “at the ash tree” or “wandering ash tree”

Navian – Latin meaning “to travel through navigating” or “wandering navigator”

Nevo – Hebrew for “wanderer”

Nimrod – Hebrew for “rebel” or “rebellious wanderer”

Odin – Old Norse name of the supreme god meaning “the wanderer”

Oren – Hebrew for “pine tree” or “wandering pine”

Orlando – Italian meaning “famous throughout the land” or “famous wanderer”

Orson – Latin for “bear cub” or “wandering bear cub”

Orvil – French meaning “gold town” or “wandering gold town”

Peregrine – Latin for “wanderer” or “nomad”

Periphas – Greek meaning “very famous” or “great wandering fame”

Perseus – Greek myth name meaning “to destroy” or “destructive wanderer”

Phelan – Gaelic for “wolf” or “wandering wolf”

Philip – Greek for “lover of horses” or “horse-loving wanderer”

Phoebe – Greek meaning “radiant, shining one” or “wandering light”

Pierson – English meaning “son of Peter” or “wanderer’s son”

Pilgrim – English meaning “one who wanders” or “religious wanderer”

Pryderi – Welsh myth name meaning “worry” or “anxious wanderer”

Quinn – Gaelic meaning “wisdom” or “wise wanderer”

Rafferty – Irish meaning “floodtide” or “abundant wandering”

Ramsey – Old English meaning “raven island” or “wandering raven island”

Ranger – English occupational name meaning “forest guardian” or “wandering guardian”

Raul – Spanish form of Ralph meaning “wolf counsel” or “counseling wanderer”

Ravi – Sanskrit meaning “sun” or “wandering sun”

Reyes – Spanish meaning “kings” or “wandering kings”

Riggs – English meaning “ridge” or “wandering the ridges”

Ripley – Old English meaning “strip clearing” or “wandering strip clearing”

Roan – Gaelic meaning “red-haired” or “wandering redhead”

Roderick – German meaning “famous ruler” or “famous wandering ruler”

Rolf – German meaning “wolf counsel” or “counseling wanderer wolf”

Roma – Italian meaning “from Rome” which refers to wandering

Ronaan – Gaelic meaning “seal” or “wandering seal”

Ronin – Japanese meaning “wave man” or “wandering man”

Roshan – Persian meaning “light” or “illuminated wanderer”

Ryker – Danish meaning “rich” or “prosperous wanderer”

Samson – Hebrew meaning “man of the sun” or “sunlike wanderer”

Selwyn – Old English meaning “friend from the manor” or “wandering friend”

Seth – Hebrew name meaning “appointed” or “ordained wanderer”

Shane – Irish meaning “God is gracious” or “gracious wandering gift from God”

Shepherd – English occupational name meaning “sheep herder” or “wandering sheep herder”

Shiloh – Hebrew meaning “tranquil” or “peaceful wanderer”

Sidon – Greek meaning “fishery” or “wandering fisherman”

Sylvan – Latin meaning “of the forest” or “forest wandering”

Talmai – Hebrew meaning “mound by the furrows” or “wandering furrowed fields”

Tavin – American invented name meaning “wanderer”

Teyrnon – Welsh myth name meaning “regret” or “regretful wanderer”

Theron – Greek meaning “hunter” or “wandering hunter”

Tor – Old English meaning “jutting hill” or “hill wandering”

Torin – Gaelic meaning “chief” or “wandering chief”

Tristan – Celtic meaning “noise” or “noisy wanderer”

Tye – English invented short form of Tyler meaning “tile maker” or “wandering tile maker”

Valerian – Latin meaning “strong” or “strong wandering man”

Varden – Persian meaning “ruler” or “wandering ruler”

Willem – German form of William meaning “resolute protector” or “protected wandering”

Windsor – English meaning “river bank” or “wandering river”

Wulf – Old English meaning “wolf” or “wandering wolf”

Xander – Greek short form of Alexander meaning “defending men” or “wandering defender”

Yancey – English meaning “one who wanders”

Yarrow – Native American meaning “little warrior” or “little wandering warrior”

Yilkur – Australian aboriginal meaning “thrower of spears” or “wandering spear thrower”

Yonah – Hebrew form of Jonah meaning “dove” or “wandering dove”

Yuma – Native American meaning “son of the chief” or “wandering chief’s son”

Zale – Greek meaning “strength of the sea” or “wandering sea strength”

Zane – English meaning “one who wanders”

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Names That Mean Wanderer for Girls

Aurora – Meaning “dawn,” it evokes the idea of a new journey at the start of the day.

Peregrine – Referring to the peregrine falcon, a bird known for its migratory nature.

Journey – A name that directly represents the idea of embarking on a journey.

Odyssey – A reference to Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey,” which is about a long journey.

Vagabond – Signifying a person who travels or wanders without a fixed destination.

Nomad – Meaning a wanderer or traveler with no permanent home.

Roamer – Someone who moves or wanders around freely.

Haven – A place of safety and rest on a journey.

Scout – A name that implies exploring and seeking new paths.

Itinerant – Referring to someone who travels from place to place.

Odyssey – A journey filled with adventures and experiences.

Sojourner – A temporary resident in a place, suggesting a wandering spirit.

Gypsy – A term often associated with a nomadic lifestyle.

Rambler – A person who enjoys leisurely journeys.

Wayfarer – Someone who travels or wanders along a path or way.

Traveler – A name that directly represents one who is on a journey.

Magellan – After Ferdinand Magellan, the explorer who circumnavigated the globe.

Wanderlust – A strong desire to travel and explore new places.

Travessa – A Portuguese name meaning “wanderer.”

Questa – An Italian name meaning “journey” or “quest.”

Vagabonda – An Italian name that means “wanderer” or “vagabond.”

Nomadia – A variation of “Nomad,” signifying a wanderer.

Peregrina – A Spanish name meaning “pilgrim” or “wanderer.”

Pilgrim – A traveler on a religious or spiritual journey.

Wanda – A name that derives from the Old Germanic word for “wanderer.”

Romina – A name that may be associated with the Romani people, who are known for their nomadic lifestyle.

Sancha – A Spanish name meaning “sacred” or “pilgrim.”

Celestia – Meaning “heavenly,” it conveys a sense of traveling through the cosmos.

Isra – An Arabic name meaning “night journey,” often associated with a spiritual journey.

Vardhini – An Indian name meaning “wanderer” or “traveler.”

Drift – To be carried along by currents, symbolizing a wanderer’s spirit.

Selene – Greek goddess of the moon, often associated with nighttime wanderings.

Iliad – Reference to Homer’s epic poem, “The Iliad,” which is about the Trojan War and the wanderings of Odysseus.

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Seraphina – Meaning “fiery one,” suggesting a passionate and adventurous spirit.

Alouette – A French word for a skylark, which symbolizes freedom and wandering.

Aruna – An Indian name meaning “reddish-brown,” evoking the colors of a sunrise.

Zahara – A name of Arabic origin meaning “flower” or “blossom.”

Paloma – Spanish for “dove,” which is often associated with peace and journeying.

Ayumi – A Japanese name meaning “walk” or “journey.”

Yara – A Brazilian name associated with the Amazon River and its wanderings.

Luna – Meaning “moon,” often associated with nighttime wanderings.

Peregrina – A Spanish name meaning “pilgrim” or “wanderer.”

Thea – Greek goddess of sight, associated with exploring and seeking.

Solange – French for “solemn” or “dignified,” suggesting a purposeful journey.

Sapphira – Meaning “sapphire,” symbolizing a precious journey.

Seren – Welsh for “star,” evoking the idea of navigating by the stars.

Evelina – A name of Latin origin meaning “life,” representing the journey of life.

Inara – A name of Arabic origin meaning “ray of light” or “illuminating journey.”

Calista – Greek for “most beautiful,” signifying a beautiful journey.

Meandering – Referring to the act of wandering or following a winding course.

Damaris – Greek for “calf,” symbolizing a journey’s growth and progress.

Oriana – A name meaning “sunrise” or “dawning of a new journey.”

Valeria – A name of Latin origin meaning “strength” or “valor” on one’s journey.

Vesna – A Slavic name meaning “spring,” representing renewal and change.

Aria – Meaning “air” or “melody,” signifying a light and free journey.

Saga – A word often used to describe epic journeys and tales.

Seraphine – A variation of “Seraphina,” meaning “fiery one” on her journey.

Paloma – Spanish for “dove,” symbolizing a peaceful and graceful journey.

Sura – Arabic for “highness” or “exalted,” suggesting an elevated journey.

Selena – A name associated with the moon and its nocturnal wanderings.

Oriole – A type of bird that symbolizes new journeys and changes.

Arusha – An Indian name meaning “dawn” or “red sky,” signifying the start of a journey.

Zephyrine – A name associated with the west wind, which carries wanderers.

Roanna – A name of English origin meaning “wandering.”

Perdita – Latin for “lost,” suggesting a journey of self-discovery.

Camina – A Spanish name meaning “walk” or “journey.”

Yaretzi – A Nahuatl name meaning “you will always be loved,” symbolizing a loving journey.

Aventure – A French word for “adventure,” representing an adventurous spirit.

Odessa – A name associated with the Black Sea and its maritime history.

Serenella – Italian for “little star,” evoking the idea of guiding stars on a journey.

Wanderflower – A name that combines “wanderer” and “flower,” symbolizing a blossoming journey.

Rovina – A name meaning “ruin,” suggesting the exploration of ancient places.

Caminata – Spanish for “walk” or “journey.”

Azenor – A Breton name meaning “wanderer” or “adventurer.”

Swanhild – A name that combines “swan” and “battle,” symbolizing a graceful journey.

Vaga – A name that directly means “wanderer” in Latin.

Questa – Italian for “journey” or “quest.”

Errance – A French word for “wandering” or “errant.”

Nellise – A name that combines “wanderer” and “promise.”

Via – Meaning “way” or “path,” signifying a journey’s course.

Roamelle – A name that combines “roam” and “elle,” evoking the idea of roaming.

Journee – A playful variation of “journey,” signifying a day’s journey.

Pilgrima – A name that directly means “pilgrim” or “traveler.”

Trekka – A name inspired by “trekking,” signifying a long journey.

Wandara – A name that combines “wanderer” and “ara,” suggesting a wanderer.

Meandria – A name that combines “meander” and “Andria,” symbolizing winding journeys.

Driftrise – A name that combines “drift” and “rise,” suggesting the rise of a wanderer.

Vagariana – A name that combines “vagabond” and “Ariana,” symbolizing a wandering spirit.

Sanchelle – A name that combines “sank” and “elle,” suggesting a sunken wanderer.

Zephyrely – A name that combines “zephyr” and “ely,” symbolizing a free wanderer.

Odysseyra – A name that combines “Odyssey” and “ra,” representing an epic journey.

Celestisera – A name that combines “celestial” and “sera,” signifying a heavenly journey.

Serenovara – A name that combines “serene” and “Novara,” symbolizing a peaceful wanderer.

Nomadiana – A name that combines “nomad” and “Diana,” suggesting a nomadic goddess.

Questara – A name that combines “quest” and “ara,” symbolizing a questing wanderer.

Travesselle – A name that combines “travel” and “elle,” signifying a female traveler.

Roamaria – A name that combines “roam” and “Maria,” evoking the idea of a wandering woman.

Wandelina – A name that combines “wander” and “Lina,” symbolizing a wandering spirit.

Vagamara – A name that combines “vagabond” and “Mara,” suggesting a wandering woman.

Caminette – A name that combines “camino” and “ette,” signifying a small journey.

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Funny Names That Mean Wanderer

oamington Swagmore

Trekell Tumbleweed

Voyage Luggagebag

Wanderella Flapdoodle

Globetrotter Fiddlesticks

Ramble McJibberjabber

Nomad Noodlebrain

Strollina Gobbledygook

Wanda-Lust Ephemeral

Jaunt McWhimsykins

Itchy Feet Shufflebottom

Odyssey Von Perambulator

Travelicious Wobblepants

Questopher Meanderstein

Peregrina Wobblegiggle

Gypsy Rose Fandango

Roaming Roni Rambleson

Drifty McWanderboots

Journey McCrazeypants

Roamin’ Hollerback

Vagabond Vex McVortex

Trekkerella Tumbleberry

Jigglefoot Wanderlust

Peregrenius Flimflam

Wayfara Flibberdoodle

Nomadonia Noodlehead

Roambunctious Giggleflap

Meander McNonsense

Ramblin’ Quirksterina

Trek McSnickerdoodle

Wanderly McWobblekins

Globetrottoria Gagglepants

Roamin’ Rascal Roux

Adventurella Fiddledeedoo

Odyssey Razzlepickle

Jauntastic Tumblesnark

Itchy Boots Prankleton

Strollin’ Quirkipants

Vagabonda Looneytune

Nomadicus Noodlehead

Sojournette Dillydally


Rambleton Whimsywhack

Voyage de Funnybone

Driftwood McChucklebutt

Trekell Spifflewagon

Questopher McFluffernutter

Roaming Rhubarb Bumblebee

Wayfara Fandoodledee

Gigglesnort Wobblerox

Roambolina Dunderhead

Wanderwacky Doodledoo

Peregrina Snickerdoodle

Roamalot Tumbletater

Jigglefoot Riddlepants

Meander Mirthquake

Globetrottoria Giggleplume

Vagabondia Whimsywiggle

Wobblestein Quirkapotamus

Questacious Gobbletricks

Strollita Funnybones

Odyssey Riddlethud

Travelocity McWobbleton

Roamin’ Rascaloodle

Giddywander Whirligig

Jauntilla Wobbleflap

Nomad Noodle-Dandy

Trek McFlapdoodle

Wanderlustington Sillywink

Ramble On Whimsykins

Itchy Feet Snickerpants

Globetrottin’ Tumbletongue

Roambunctious McWackadoo

Adventurette Gigglegroove

Odyssey McFlibberflop

Vagabondella Whimsywhirl

Drift McGobbledygook


Roamalicious Noodlehead

Questarooni Riddlepuff

Nomadette McChucklefins

Wanderweirdo Doodlenut

Trekulous Gobbleboots

Peregrinus Tumbletwirl

Roamin’ Funnybonanza

Travelaugh McWobblepants

Wanda-Lollygag McJibberjab

Jauntalicious Gagglewag

Meanderlily Whimsydoodle

Ramblina McNoodlebrain

Gigglesnort McSillywalk

Globetrottilicious Fiddledeedee

Vagabonda McQuirkypants

Odyssey McWobblewhack

Driftella Doodledandy

Wayfarout Whimsywag

Roamabobble Giggletoots

Adventurella Noodlewhack

Trekkerella Whimsytwist

Wanderon McWackaloon

Peregrinoodle Funnyflop

Jiggletrot McChucklewig

Questy McPicklepants

Nomadoodle Wobbleclown

Meanderlily Gobblewhirl

Ramblebob Doodleplume

Globetrottelicious Snickerpants

Odyssey McNoodleflop

Vagabobble McSillyfins

Wayfaroony Wobblepants

Roaminella Doodlefiddle


Trekkerdoodle Sillybop


Peregrinoodle Whimsytwirl

Drifty McFlibberclown

Strollin’ Noodle-Giggle


Giddywander McQuirkysnort

Jauntalot McWobbleknees

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Unisex Names That Mean Wanderer

Aasra (Arabic): She who travels at night

Asra (Arabic): She who travels at night

Beitong (Chinese): Traveling together

Charaka (Hindi): Wanderer, traveler

Doran (Irish, Gaelic): Wanderer, pilgrim

Gypsy (English): Wanderer

Kymani (African): Adventurous or bold traveler

Journey (English): Traveler

Noa (Croatian, Hebrew): Wanderer

Noah (Hebrew): Wanderer

Odin (Norse): Eternal wanderer

Perry (English): Traveler, pilgrim

Polo (Tibetan): Brave wanderer

Stian (Norse): Wanderer

Stig (Swedish): Wanderer

Wanda (Slavic, German): Shepherdess, wanderer

Wendell (German): To travel, to proceed

Other unisex names that mean wanderer or traveler:

Aiko (Japanese): Traveler

Ajay (Indian): Traveler

Alpher (Turkish): Traveler

Ayana (African): Traveler

Bahir (Arabic): Traveler

Balram (Indian): Traveler

Bastian (Greek): Traveler

Birdie (English): Traveler

Boaz (Hebrew): Traveler

Cadence (English): Rhythm, beat, traveler

Callum (Scottish): Traveler

Caravan (English): A group of travelers

Chandar (Indian): Moon, traveler

Christian (Greek): Traveler

Cody (English): Helper, traveler

Colton (English): Dark town, traveler

Cosmo (Greek): Order of the universe, traveler

Cyprus (Greek): Island of copper, traveler

Darien (Scots): From Darien, traveler

Dylan (Welsh): Sea, son of the wave, traveler

Eamon (Irish): Rich protector, traveler

Eden (Hebrew): Delight, traveler

Emmet (English): Ant, traveler

Ewan (Scottish): Born of John, traveler

Farley (English): Distant meadow, traveler

Farrell (Irish): Brave man, traveler

Finnian (Irish): White-haired, traveler

Forrest (English): Forest, traveler

Frankie (English): Free, traveler

Frei (German): Free, traveler

Gabriel (Hebrew): God is my strength, traveler

Gavin (Welsh): White hawk, traveler

Genesis (Greek): Beginning, traveler

Gillian (Scottish): White-haired, traveler

Glen (Scottish): Valley, traveler

Grant (Scottish): Great, traveler

Gray (English): Gray-haired, traveler

Harper (English): Harper, traveler

Haven (English): Safe harbor, traveler

Hendrix (German): Ruler of the house, traveler

Hudson (English): Son of Hugh, traveler

Hunter (English): Hunter, traveler

India (Greek): The river Indus, traveler

Indigo (Greek): From India, traveler

Ira (Hebrew): Watchful, traveler

Ireland (English): Island of the west, traveler

Ishaan (Indian): Lord of the sun, traveler

Ivan (Russian): God’s gift, traveler

Jack (English): God is gracious, traveler

Jamie (Scottish): Supplanter, traveler

Jasper (Persian): Treasure, traveler

Jesse (Hebrew): Gift, traveler

Jordan (Hebrew): Descending, traveler

Kai (Hawaiian): Sea, traveler

Kieran (Irish): Little dark one, traveler

Kole (Hawaiian): Black, traveler

Kyle (Scottish): Narrow strait, traveler

Lachlan (Scottish): Lake land, traveler

Lance (German): Land, traveler

Maverick Unbranded calf, wanderer English

Merlin Sea fortress, wanderer Welsh

Mika Who is like God?, traveler Hebrew

Miles Soldier, traveler Latin

Morgan Sea warrior, wanderer Welsh

Noah Wanderer Hebrew

Odin Eternal wanderer Norse

Odyssey Journey, wandering Greek

Perry Traveler, pilgrim Old English

Phoenix Mythical bird associated with rebirth and immortality Greek

Pilgrim Traveler on a journey, especially for religious reasons Latin

Piper Pipe player, traveler Old English

Polo Brave wanderer Tibetan

Quest Journey in search of something Old French

Rae She-wolf, wanderer Scottish

Raine Rain, wanderer Old English

Raven Raven, wanderer Old English

Reese Ardent, wanderer Welsh

Riley Courageous, wanderer Irish

River River, wanderer English

Robin Bright famous one, wanderer Old English

Roamer One who roams English

Rover One who roves English

Sage Wise person, wanderer Latin

Sailor Sailor, traveler Old English

Scout One who scouts, a wanderer Old English

Seeker One who seeks, a wanderer Old English

Sheridan Horseman, wanderer Irish

Sierra Mountain range, wanderer Spanish

Silas Man of the forest, wanderer Latin

Skye Island, wanderer Scottish

Sloan Warrior, wanderer Irish

Sterling Pure silver, wanderer Old English

Stig Wanderer Swedish

Sullivan Hawk-eyed, wanderer Irish

Taylor Tailor, wanderer Old French

Traveler One who travels English

Tristan Sad, wanderer Celtic

Valen Wanderer Latin

Vega Lyre, wanderer Arabic

Vincent Conqueror, wanderer Latin

Wanderer One who wanders English

Wayfarer Traveler English

Willow Willow tree, wanderer Old English

Xavier New house, wanderer Basque

Zephyr West wind, wanderer Greek

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