420+ Names That Mean Sunset for Boys and Girls

Names hold profound significance in cultures worldwide, often reflecting a blend of tradition, heritage, and symbolism. Among the countless themes and meanings that names can embody, the concept of “sunset” offers a unique and evocative choice. A names that mean sunset can encapsulate the warmth, beauty, and tranquility associated with the twilight hours, making it a symbol of hope and closure. 

In this collection, we explore names from various languages and cultures that encompass the essence of sunset, whether through direct translations or symbolic representations. These names not only evoke the serene and picturesque qualities of a setting sun but also carry a sense of wonder and tranquility that resonates with both parents and their children. Whether you seek a name with spiritual significance, poetic charm, or a simple connection to the celestial beauty of the evening sky, this list offers a diverse array of names that embrace the magic of the setting sun.

Names That Mean Sunset for Boys

Apollo – After the Greek god of the sun and light.

Soleil – French for “sun.”

Ra – After the Egyptian sun god.

Sol – A Latin name meaning “sun.”

Lucian – Derived from the Latin word “lux,” meaning “light.”

Samson – Hebrew name meaning “like the sun.”

Lucius – A Roman name meaning “light.”

Elio – Italian for “sun.”

Helios – Greek god of the sun.

Aarush – Sanskrit name meaning “first ray of the sun.”

Sulien – Welsh name meaning “sun-born.”

Darian – Persian name meaning “upholder of the good.”

Cyrus – Persian name meaning “sun.”

Elnaz – Persian name meaning “loveable.”

Ravi – Sanskrit name meaning “sun.”

Samir – Arabic name meaning “companion in evening talk.”

Shams – Arabic for “sun.”

Sorin – Romanian name meaning “sun.”

Kian – Persian name meaning “king” or “sunset.”

Sereno – Italian name meaning “serene” or “clear.”

Amun – Egyptian god associated with the sun.

Haul – Welsh for “sun.”

Surya – Sanskrit for “sun.”

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Roderick – Gaelic name meaning “famous ruler.”

Zohar – Hebrew name meaning “light” or “radiance.”

Kalani – Hawaiian name meaning “the sky” or “heaven.”

Zephyr – Greek name meaning “west wind.”

Jorvik – Old Norse name referring to “the town on the river.”

Kiran – Sanskrit name meaning “ray of light.”

Luciano – Italian name meaning “light.”

Xavier – Basque name meaning “new house” or “bright.”

Ilmarinen – Finnish mythological character associated with the sun.

Zenith – Refers to the highest point in the sky, often seen during sunset.

Zephyrus – Greek god of the west wind.

Udit – Sanskrit name meaning “risen” or “awakened.”

Riordan – Irish name meaning “royal poet.”

Eldan – Hebrew name meaning “from the oak tree.”

Roshan – Persian name meaning “bright” or “illuminated.”

Abner – Hebrew name meaning “father of light.”

Marlowe – English name meaning “driftwood” or “meadow by the lake.”

Sami – Arabic name meaning “sublime” or “elevated.”

Yamin – Arabic name meaning “right hand” or “blessed.”

Evander – Greek name meaning “good man.”

Faris – Arabic name meaning “knight” or “horseman.”

Kelvin – Derived from the river name in Scotland, meaning “narrow water.”

Aftab – Persian name meaning “sun.”

Zia – Arabic name meaning “light” or “radiance.”

Lysander – Greek name meaning “liberator of man.”

Cosmo – Greek name meaning “order,” often associated with the cosmos.

Bertrand – German name meaning “bright raven.”

Rashid – Arabic name meaning “rightly guided” or “wise.”

Eliran – Hebrew name meaning “my light.”

Zahir – Arabic name meaning “shining” or “visible.”

Caelum – Latin name meaning “sky” or “heavens.”

Anwar – Arabic name meaning “brighter” or “more luminous.”

Eilif – Norwegian name meaning “eternal” or “forever.”

Idris – Arabic name associated with a prophet, meaning “interpreter.”

Caius – Ancient Roman name of uncertain origin, possibly related to “rejoice.”

Uriel – Hebrew name meaning “God is my light.”

Aditya – Sanskrit name meaning “belonging to Aditi,” the mother of the sun.

Faolan – Irish name meaning “little wolf.”

Kenzo – Japanese name meaning “strong and healthy.”

Tarian – Welsh name meaning “shield” or “protector.”

Lucan – Irish name meaning “light.”

Elden – English name meaning “from the elves’ valley.”

Theron – Greek name meaning “hunter.”

Akito – Japanese name meaning “bright” or “light.”

Lugh – Celtic god associated with the sun.

Savion – Hebrew name meaning “to be bright” or “shining.”

Beren – Turkish name meaning “brave” or “valiant.”

Asa – Hebrew name meaning “physician” or “healer.”

Shimon – Hebrew name meaning “to hear” or “to be heard.”

Darian – Persian name meaning “upholder of the good.”

Alaric – Germanic name meaning “ruler of all.”

Elton – Old English name meaning “Ella’s town.”

Suryakant – Sanskrit name meaning “beloved by the sun.”

Irvin – Gaelic name meaning “green” or “fresh water.”

Leif – Old Norse name meaning “heir” or “descendant.”

Chandrakant – Sanskrit name meaning “moonstone.”

Elio – Italian name meaning “sun.”

Kieran – Irish name meaning “little dark one.”

Tarian – Welsh name meaning “shield” or “protector.”

Caelan – Irish name meaning “powerful warrior.”

Fahim – Arabic name meaning “scholar” or “intelligent.”

Samson – Hebrew name meaning “like the sun.”

Helio – Portuguese and Spanish name meaning “sun.”

Zephyrus – Greek god of the west wind.

Haruki – Japanese name meaning “shining brightly.”

Surya – Sanskrit name meaning “sun.”

Lucian – Derived from the Latin word “lux,” meaning “light.”

Kaelan – Irish name meaning “slender” or “fair.”

Raoul – French form of Ralph, meaning “wolf counsel.”

Kelvin – Derived from the river name in Scotland, meaning “narrow water.”

Sohail – Arabic name meaning “star” or “constellation.”

Kian – Persian name meaning “king” or “sunset.”

Tarek – Arabic name meaning “morning star” or “he who knocks at the door.”

Ilmarinen – Finnish mythological character associated with the sun.

Zephyr – Greek name meaning “west wind.”

Eldan – Hebrew name meaning “from the oak tree.”

Kiran – Sanskrit name meaning “ray of light.”

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Names That Mean Sunset for Girls

Akhilanda – Sanskrit for “endless sunset”

Alissa – Greek for “sunset”

Amaranta – Spanish for “unfading”

Amethyst – Greek for “resembles sunset”

Asha – Sanskrit for “hope, wish, desire”

Atapa – Hopi for “sunset glow”

Aurelia – Latin for “golden”

Aysel – Turkish for “moon stream”

Bahara – Arabic for “brilliance, splendor”

Basanti – Sanskrit for “of springtime”

Behati – Arabic for “sunshine, brilliance”

Blaze – English word for “flame, fire”

Candra – Sanskrit for “moon, shining”

Chandra – Sanskrit for “moon”

Cherise – French for “dear, precious”

Cheyenne – Cheyenne for “red speakers”

Citlali – Nahuatl for “star”

Constance – Latin for “constant, steadfast”

Dawn – English for “daybreak”

Deepti – Sanskrit for “brightness, shine”

Easha – Sanskrit for “desire”

Ember – English for “smoldering remainders of fire”

Embla – Old Norse for “ember”

Eos – Greek for “dawn”

Esme – Persian for “esteemed, loved”

Esta – Latin for “evening star”

Estee – French for “star”

Estrella – Spanish for “star”

Ezra – Hebrew for “help, helper”

Farah – Arabic for “joy, happiness”

Farzaneh – Persian for “wise, intelligent”

Gala – Old Norse for “calm, still”

Gilana – Persian for “sunshine”

Gull – Old Norse for “gold”

Gwen – Welsh for “white, fair, blessed”

Haley – English from “hay meadow”

Hawa – Swahili for “grace, mercy”

Iliana – Greek for “ray of light”

Indira – Sanskrit for “splendid”

Ingrid – Scandinavian for “beautiful goddess”

Izel – Nahuatl for “unique”

Izumi – Japanese for “fountain, spring”

Jaeda – Arabic for “good luck”

Jasmine – Persian for “gift from God”

Jocelyn – German for “member of the Gaut tribe”

Joli – French for “pretty, pleasing”

Josie – English pet form of Josephine meaning “God will increase”

Jyoti – Sanskrit for “light, flame”

Kai – Hawaiian for “sea”

Kalinda – Sanskrit for “sun”

Karma – Sanskrit for “fate, destiny”

Kasia – Polish for “pure”

Kaya – Hopi for “elder sister”

Kiera – Gaelic for “dark”

Lakshi – Sanskrit for “mark, target, goal”

Lana – Hawaiian for “afloat, calm as still waters”

Lateefah – Arabic for “delicate, gentle”

Latika – Sanskrit for “small creeper”

Laura – Latin for “laurel tree”

Lavana – Sanskrit for “beauty, grace”

Lavender – English flower name

Layla – Arabic for “night”

Leila – Persian for “dark beauty”

Liana – Hebrew for “to twine around”

Lili – Native American for “sunlight”

Liora – Hebrew for “my light”

Lucero – Spanish for “bright star”

Lucia – Latin for “light”

Lucinda – Latin for “illumination”

Luna – Latin for “moon”

Madhu – Sanskrit for “sweet, honey”

Mae – Welsh for “treasure, jewel”

Mansi – Sanskrit for “mind, intellect”

Marigold – English flower name

Maya – Greek for “mother”

Mira – Sanskrit for “ocean, sea”

Misty – English word for “covered in mist”

Miu – Japanese for “beautiful feather”

Mize – Old English for “table, board”

Nadira – Arabic for “rare, precious”

Nalani – Hawaiian for “calm heavens”

Nashata – Native American for “sunrise”

Nastaran – Persian for “star”

Naz – Persian for “cute, sweetheart”

Neoma – Greek for “new moon”

Nerita – Greek for “sea nymph”

Nesma – Arabic for “breeze”

Nexhmije – Albanian for “consolation”

Nila – Sanskrit for “indigo blue”

Noor – Arabic for “light”

Orenda – Iroquois for “magical power”

Pacific – Latin for “peaceful”

Phoebe – Greek for “radiant, shining”

Qamar – Arabic for “moon”

Radha – Sanskrit for “success”

Rama – Hebrew for “lofty, exalted”

Ramona – Spanish for “wise protector”

Rania – Greek for “queen”

Rayna – Hebrew for “song”

Raziye – Persian for “agreeable”

Rosa – Spanish for “rose”

Rosemary – English for the herb

Rosetta – Italian diminutive for “little rose”

Roxana – Persian for “dawn”

Ruby – English gem name

Rupa – Sanskrit for “beauty, form”

Sabirah – Arabic for “patient”

Saffron – English spice name

Saira – Arabic for “traveller”

Samira – Arabic for “companion in evening conversation”

Sancia – Latin for “sacred”

Sangita – Sanskrit for “musical”

Sara – Hebrew for “princess”

Sarita – Sanskrit for “flowing”

Savarna – Sanskrit for “nature, color”

Seren – Welsh for “star”

Shannon – Irish for “wise river”

Sharlene – English blend of Sharon and Charlene

Sharon – Hebrew for “a plain”

Shashi – Sanskrit for “moon”

Shula – Native American for “sun”

Siana – English word for “glowing”

Sierra – Spanish for “mountain range”

Sita – Sanskrit for “furrow”

Solana – Spanish for “sunshine”

Solaris – Latin for “of the sun”

Soleil – French for “sun”

Soraya – Persian for “princess”

Stella – Latin for “star”

Sundara – Sanskrit for “beauty”

Sunniva – Scandinavian for “sun gift”

Sunrise – English word name

Surya – Sanskrit for “sun”

Tabitha – Aramaic for “gazelle”

Talei – Hawaiian for “song, chant”

Tamsin – English diminutive for Thomasina

Tania – Russian diminutive for Tatiana

Tara – Sanskrit for “star”

Tasnim – Arabic for “spring, fountain”

Tearlach – Gaelic for “instiller”

Thea – Greek for “goddess”

Usha – Sanskrit for “dawn”

Vadera – Spanish for “worth”

Vega – Arabic for “falling star”

Vesper – Latin for “evening star”

Xochitl – Aztec for “flower”

Yamuna – Sanskrit for “dark river”

Yasmin – Persian for “jasmine flower”

Yona – Hebrew for “dove”

Zahra – Arabic for “blooming, luminous”

Zara – Arabic for “blossom”

Zia – Arabic for “light, splendor”

Zohra – Arabic for “planet Venus”

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Funny Names That Mean Sunset

Sunny Set

Dusk Buster

Twilight Chuckle

Even Ings

Ray N. O’Light


Sunny Side Down

Sundown Clown

Solar Flare

Blaze Amusement

Chuckle Glow

Fading Laughs

Star Giggle

Laughing Horizon

Afterglow Chuck

Chuckle Dusk

Jestful Sunset

Chuckle Ray

Giggly Twilight


Sunset Chuckler

Comical Horizon

Jocular Dusk

Silly Sunset

Radiant Chuckle

Laugh at Dusk

Sundown Chuckle



Solar Snicker



Beaming Jester








Hilarious Horizon


Sunset Giggles

Chuckle Break

Laugh and Set

Comedy Sunset


Duskbuster Chuck

Jestful Evening


Sunset Comedy



Jestful Twilight

Laughful Dusk

Giggles Beyond




Jest and Jest


Sunset Guffaw

Solar Chuckler



Radiant Chuckle


Laughful Twilight

Comedy Horizon


Jest and Jest


Sundown Jest



Dusk and Laugh


Jest Blaze

Radiant Chuckle



Jestful Set

Sundown Giggles

Solar Chuckle

Laugh and Shine




Sunset Chuckler





Comedy Glow

Sundown Chuckle

Radiant Jest



Solar Giggle


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Unisex Names That Mean Sunset

Aelita (Russian): dawn, sunset

Alaula (Hawaiian): sunset glow

Anatoli (Russian): sunrise, sunset

Arratz (Basque): early evening, dusk

Ashen (English): made of ash, ash-colored

Aurora (Latin): dawn, sunrise, morning light

Cielo (Spanish): sky, heaven

Dismas (Greek): sunset

Dysis (Greek): goddess of the sunset

Hinoiri (Japanese): sunset

Irides (Greek): rainbow, goddess of the rainbow

Levant (English): east, sunrise, sunset

Lucien (Latin): light, dawn

Nimruchi (Native American): dawn, twilight

Ray (English): ray of light, sunshine

Rhea (Greek): Titan goddess of fertility, motherhood, and the home

Sandhya (Sanskrit): twilight, evening, sunset

Sol (Latin): sun, sunlight

Solano (Spanish): eastern wind, sunrise

Solstice (Latin): solstice

Solis (Latin): of the sun

Solitude (Latin): isolation, loneliness

Twilight (English): the time of day between sunset and full darkness

Udeit (Sanskrit): rising sun, sunset

Vikal (Sanskrit): twilight, evening, close of the day

Zenith (Arabic): point in the sky directly overhead, highest point

Amber (Arabic): amber, amber-colored

Blaze (English): bright flame

Ember (English): small piece of glowing coal or wood

Flame (English): bright burning fire

Golden (English): gold-colored

Glow (English): soft light

Honey (English): sweet, golden-colored liquid produced by bees

Incandescent (Latin): glowing brightly

Luminous (Latin): emitting light

Radiant (Latin): shining brightly

Sunset (English): the time of day when the sun goes down below the horizon

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