500+Unique Names That Mean Savior for Boys and Girls

Names that carry the profound and timeless meaning of “Savior” are imbued with a sense of hope, redemption, and spiritual significance. These names, rooted in various cultures and languages, resonate with the concept of salvation, offering a unique and meaningful way to name a child. 

In this exploration of names that mean Savior, we will delve into a diverse array of appellations, uncovering their origins and the rich symbolism associated with them. Whether you’re seeking a name for your child or simply fascinated by the power of linguistic expression, this collection of names reflects the enduring theme of rescue and deliverance across the world’s diverse cultures and traditions.

Names That Mean Savior for Boys

Jesus – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is salvation.”

Yeshua – A variant of Jesus, also means “God is salvation.”

Joshua – Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is salvation.”

Isa – Arabic name meaning “Jesus” or “savior.”

Salvador – Spanish name that means “savior.”

Hoshea – Hebrew name meaning “salvation.”

Soterios – A Greek name meaning “savior.”

Jesús – Spanish form of Jesus, meaning “God is salvation.”

Jeshurun – Hebrew name meaning “the upright one.”

Moshé – Hebrew name meaning “drawn out of water,” related to the story of Moses.

Cristoforo – Italian variant of Christopher, meaning “bearer of Christ.”

Christos – Greek name meaning “anointed one” or “Christ.”

Kristopher – A variant of Christopher.

Christoph – German form of Christopher.

Kristian – Scandinavian variant of Christian.

Kristof – Hungarian form of Christopher.

Cristiano – Italian and Portuguese name meaning “Christian.”

Krystian – Polish variant of Christian.

Salvatore – Italian name that means “savior.”

Christophe – French form of Christopher.

Cristóbal – Spanish form of Christopher.

Kristoffer – Scandinavian form of Christopher.

Devasya – Indian name meaning “divinely ordained.”

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Jisu – Korean name meaning “savior.”

Jesper – Danish and Swedish name meaning “savior.”

Sauveur – French name that means “savior.”

Kristaps – Latvian name meaning “Christian.”

Xaver – Basque form of Xavier, meaning “savior.”

Tzadik – Hebrew name meaning “righteous one.”

Saju – African name meaning “savior.”

Jessiah – A modern name combining Jesse and Isaiah, meaning “God’s gift of salvation.”

Xabier – Basque form of Xavier, meaning “new house” or “savior.”

Masisi – African name meaning “savior.”

Kristofer – Swedish and Finnish variant of Christopher.

Saviour – An English name that directly means “savior.”

Chrisantus – A name derived from the Greek word for “anointed” or “Christian.”

Salvator – A Latin name that means “savior.”

Yasha – A Hebrew name meaning “to save” or “to deliver.”

Kristiyan – Bulgarian variant of Christian.

Christensen – A Danish and Norwegian name meaning “son of Christ.”

Adonai – Hebrew name for God, often associated with salvation.

Kristianos – Greek name meaning “Christian.”

Christiano – Italian variant of Christian.

Messiah – A name often used to refer to the anticipated savior in Christianity.

Chaviv – Hebrew name meaning “beloved” and is often associated with God’s love and salvation.

Cristóvão – Portuguese form of Christopher.

Chistian – Filipino variant of Christian.

Yahushua – A Hebrew variant of Joshua, meaning “Yahweh is salvation.”

Sócrates – A Greek name associated with wisdom and enlightenment.

Iyassu – Ethiopian name meaning “savior” or “Jesus.”

Salih – Arabic name meaning “virtuous” or “righteous.”

Yashaun – A modern name derived from “Yasha” and “Shaun,” meaning “God’s grace and salvation.”

Deusdedit – Latin name meaning “God has given.”

Tarjano – Esperanto name meaning “savior.”

Khristos – Greek variant of Christos, meaning “anointed one.”

Zebulon – Hebrew name meaning “exalted” or “honored one.”

Messias – Portuguese name meaning “Messiah.”

Otieno – Luo name from Kenya, meaning “born at night” or “savior.”

Basavaraj – Indian name meaning “savior of the land.”

Deusdedith – A variant of Deusdedit, meaning “God has given.”

Isas – A variant of Isa, meaning “Jesus” or “savior.”

Christoforo – Italian variant of Christopher.

Vaso – Albanian name meaning “savior.”

Varadraj – Indian name meaning “bestower of boons” or “savior.”

Zeeshan – Arabic name meaning “dignity” or “savior.”

Iorwerth – Welsh name meaning “handsome lord” or “savior.”

Yashiya – A variant of Yeshua, meaning “God is salvation.”

Joshiah – A variant of Joshua, meaning “Yahweh is salvation.”

Iyad – Arabic name meaning “support” or “savior.”

Cristoval – Portuguese variant of Christopher.

Kristiano – Filipino variant of Christian.

Pelagius – A Latin name meaning “from the sea” or “savior.”

Kristofor – Croatian form of Christopher.

Masih – Persian name meaning “Messiah” or “savior.”

Yishai – Hebrew name meaning “gift” or “savior.”

Kristaps – Latvian form of Christopher.

Adonis – Greek name associated with beauty and desire.

Deogracias – Spanish name meaning “thanks to God.”

Iyinoluwa – Yoruba name meaning “God’s gift” or “savior.”

Kryštof – Czech form of Christopher.

Otienoh – Luo variant of Otieno, meaning “born at night” or “savior.”

Christiaan – Dutch variant of Christian.

Deus – Latin name meaning “God.”

Shubhojit – Bengali name meaning “one who brings auspiciousness” or “savior.”

Enitan – Yoruba name meaning “a person of story” or “savior.”

Balaaditya – Indian name meaning “young sun” or “savior.”

Jeswin – A modern name that combines “Jesus” and “win,” meaning “victory through Jesus.”

Saadat – Arabic name meaning “blessings” or “savior.”

Mesi – Finnish name meaning “Messiah.”

Krischan – German variant of Christian.

Salvian – A Latin name meaning “savior.”

Masoud – Persian name meaning “happy” or “savior.”

Jestin – Welsh name meaning “righteous” or “savior.”

Devdan – Indian name meaning “gift from God.”

Isam – Arabic name meaning “safeguard” or “savior.”

Saivon – Finnish name meaning “savior.”

Yevgeni – Russian name meaning “noble

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Names That Mean Savior for Girls

Aila – Messenger of God, one who rescues

Alaia – Joyful, one who rescues

Alethea – Truth, one who rescues

Alhena – A ring, one who rescues

Aminah – Honest, one who rescues

Anastasia – Resurrection, one who rescues

Andrea – Brave, one who rescues

Aneta – Grace, one who rescues

Aniela – Messenger of God, one who rescues

Avigail – My father’s joy, one who rescues

Avital – My father is dew, one who rescues

Aziza – Beloved, one who rescues

Beatrix – She who brings happiness, one who rescues

Benigna – Kind, one who rescues

Blessing – Gift from God, one who rescues

Brigid – Strength, one who rescues

Briony – To sprout, one who rescues

Bryn – Hill, one who rescues

Callie – Beautiful, one who rescues

Carina – Beloved, one who rescues

Carissa – Beloved, one who rescues

Charis – Grace, one who rescues

Clotilde – Famous warrior, one who rescues

Concordia – Harmony, one who rescues

Coretta – Maiden, one who rescues

Cyra – Sun, one who rescues

Dagna – Grain, one who rescues

Dalia – Branch or bough, one who rescues

Danica – Morning star, one who rescues

Davida – Beloved, one who rescues

Deborah – Bee, one who rescues

Deliverance – Liberation, one who rescues

Delmina – Noble protector, one who rescues

Delora – Sorrowful, one who rescues

Dianthe – Divine flower, one who rescues

Digna – Worthy, one who rescues

Edith – Prosperous in war, one who rescues

Egeria – Pilgrim, one who rescues

Eira – Snow, one who rescues

Eirian – Bright, one who rescues

Eirwen – White snow, one who rescues

Eleftheria – Freedom, one who rescues

Elena – Light, one who rescues

Eliana – My God has answered, one who rescues

Elinor – Light, one who rescues

Elisa – God’s promise, one who rescues

Elise – God’s promise, one who rescues

Elodie – Foreign riches, one who rescues

Eloise – Healthy; wide, one who rescues

Elsa – God’s promise, one who rescues

Elsie – God’s promise, one who rescues

Elva – Elf, one who rescues

Elysia – Blissful place, one who rescues

Emmanuelle – God is with us, one who rescues

Ermina – Entire, one who rescues

Estella – Star, one who rescues

Esther – Star, one who rescues

Etain – Little fire, one who rescues

Gaia – Mother Earth, one who rescues

Gal – Wave, one who rescues

Gemma – Precious stone, one who rescues

Gina – Silvery, one who rescues

Giovanna – God is gracious, one who rescues

Gladys – Princess, one who rescues

Gloria – Glory, one who rescues

Guadalupe – River of black stones, one who rescues

Gwen – White, holy, one who rescues

Gwyneth – Blessed, one who rescues

Haidee – Modest, one who rescues

Hana – Flower, one who rescues

Harlow – Army hill, one who rescues

Heidi – Noble, one who rescues

Helga – Holy, one who rescues

Hero – Brave, one who rescues

Hope – Expectation, one who rescues

Hypatia – Supreme, one who rescues

Ianthe – Violet flower, one who rescues

Ida – Prosperous, one who rescues

Ileana – Light, one who rescues

Ilona – Light, one who rescues

Imogen – Maiden, one who rescues

Ira – Watchful, one who rescues

Irena – Peace, one who rescues

Iris – Rainbow, one who rescues

Isabeau – God’s promise, one who rescues

Isidora – Gift of Isis, one who rescues

Isla – Island, one who rescues

Iva – Archer’s bow, one who rescues

Ivy – Faithfulness, one who rescues

Jada – Wise, one who rescues

Jemima – Dove, one who rescues

Jerusha – Possessed, one who rescues

Jessa – Rich, one who rescues

Jordan – To flow down, one who rescues

Joy – Rejoice, one who rescues

Junia – Youthful, one who rescues

Justice – Righteous, one who rescues

Kaia – Pure, one who rescues

Kairi – Ocean, one who rescues

Kaloni – Beautiful, one who rescues

Katura – Pure, one who rescues

Keelia – Brave, one who rescues

Keziah – Cinnamon plant, one who rescues

Khiana – Ancient, one who rescues

Kora – Maiden, one who rescues

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Funny Names That Mean Savior


Lifesaver Larry

ResQ McFunny

Super Savior Steve

Captain Salvation

Saverino the Clown

Jestus, the Joking Savior

A-Moose-iah (A moose-themed savior!)

Sarcasmus the Rescuer

Sir Chuckles the Redeemer

Comic Knight in Shining Armor

Rescuer Rodeo

Sire of Laughter

The Divine Prankster

Saver of the Silly

Parody Protector

Jestin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake with a twist)

Funnyferous, the Saver of Hilarity

Comedy Christ

Chuckle Chosen One

Silliness Savior Sam

ResQ the Ridiculous

Haha Messiah

LoLbert, the Laughable Lord

Punderful Savior Paul

Silly-vation Steve

The Chuckle Kingpin

Hilariteer the Healer

Captain Chucklepants

Wit Wizard, the Savior

Sir Giggles-a-Lot

Jester Jesus

Chuckleberry Finn, the Rescuer

Comedy Commando

Saver of the Sillies

Giggle Guardian George

Laugh-ord, the Hilarity Hero

Guffaw Goliath

Savior of Smiles Stan

The Laugh-alanche Savior

Wit Warden Wayne

Giggles Galore Gary

Sir Chuckle-a-Lot

ResQ, the Riddle-Solving Savior

Joketron the Jestful

Haha Henry, the Healer

Chuckle Chieftain

Saver of Chuckles Charles

Punslinger the Redeemer

The Merriment Messiah

Chuckleberry, the Comedian Savior

Hilarity Knight

Jestnut, the Nutty Savior

Laughter Lord Larry

Gigglesworth, the Guardian

Lighthearted Luke

Sir Chucklehead

Comedy Crusader

Chuckle Captain

Grin Guru, the Rescuer

Jokeman the Just

Captain Chucklesworth

Saver of Guffaws

Chucklefest Champion

Chuckle-Maniac Mark

Punderful Patrick

Haha Harrison

Jestin Bieber (Justin Bieber’s humorous alter ego)

Gagster the Guffaw Guardian

Wit Whiz, the Savior

Sir Chuckle-icious

Comic Commando

Chuckles McSilly

Laughter Lancelot

Jestin Timberfake

ResQ the Ridiculous

The Haha Herald

Giggles Galore Gordon

Chuckle-Champion Chad

Wit Waldo, the Witty Savior

Chuckle Chuck, the Chosen One

Captain Comedic

Saver of Satire

Sarcasm Specialist

Chuckle-Master Maxwell

ResQ the Jester

Laughter Lark

Jesticle the Hilarious

Chuckle Kingpin Kevin

Giggles ‘n’ Grins Gary

The Punderful Paladin

Sir Chuckleberry

Comedy Crusader Chris

Jestful J

Gagster Gary, the Guardian

Haha Hercules

Chuckle Chieftain Charlie

Saver of Slapstick

Chuckleman the Chortler

Jest-wise Joe

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Unisex Names That Mean Savior

Aaran (Arabic) – savior

Aaran (Hebrew) – mountain of strength

Aarsha (Sanskrit) – blessed savior

Aaran (English) – eagle

Agathi (Greek) – good, kind, savior

Ajio (Japanese) – savior

Akshay (Sanskrit) – indestructible, immortal, savior

Aleksei (Russian) – defender of mankind

Alexander (Greek) – defender of men

Alva (Spanish) – white, savior

Amado (Spanish) – beloved, savior

Amani (Arabic) – hope, peace, savior

Ambrose (Greek) – immortal, savior

Amin (Arabic) – trustworthy, faithful, savior

Amira (Arabic) – princess, savior

Aron (Hebrew) – mountain of strength, savior

Asher (Hebrew) – happy, blessed, savior

Atticus (Greek) – dweller in Attica, savior

August (Latin) – majestic, venerable, savior

Axel (German) – father of peace, savior

Aziza (Arabic) – precious, beloved, savior

Brian (Irish) – strong, noble, savior

Cameron (Scottish) – crooked nose, savior

Carter (English) – cart driver, savior

Christian (Latin) – follower of Christ, savior

Christopher (Greek) – Christ-bearer, savior

Cody (English) – helper, savior

Connor (Irish) – lover of wolves, savior

Cooper (English) – barrel maker, savior

Cristian (Spanish) – follower of Christ, savior

Daniel (Hebrew) – God is my judge, savior

David (Hebrew) – beloved, savior

Dylan (Welsh) – sea, born from the wave, savior

Elijah (Hebrew) – my God is Jehovah, savior

Elliot (Hebrew) – God is my God, savior

Emmanuel (Hebrew) – God with us, savior

Ethan (Hebrew) – strong, firm, savior

Gabriel (Hebrew) – God is my strength, savior

Gavin (Welsh) – white hawk, savior

George (Greek) – farmer, earthworker, savior

Hadassah (Hebrew) – myrtle, savior

Haile (Amharic) – my power, savior

Haruka (Japanese) – distant, far away, savior

Hope (English) – expectation of something desired, savior

Isaac (Hebrew) – he who laughs, savior

Isaiah (Hebrew) – God is salvation, savior

Isiah (Hebrew) – God is salvation, savior

Jaehyun (Korean) – clear truth, savior

Javier (Spanish) – new house, savior

Jesus (Hebrew) – God saves, savior

Jiayu (Chinese) – beautiful jade, savior

Josiah (Hebrew) – God heals, savior

Joshua (Hebrew) – God saves, savior

Juan (Spanish) – God is gracious, savior

Julian (Latin) – youthful, savior

Kai (Hawaiian) – sea, savior

Kieran (Irish) – little dark one, savior

Kyle (Scottish) – narrow sound, savior

Liam (Irish) – strong-willed warrior, savior

Logan (Scottish) – little hollow, savior

Lucas (Latin) – from Lucania, savior

Luke (Latin) – from Lucania, savior

Mateo (Spanish) – gift of God, savior

Matthew (Hebrew) – gift of God, savior

Michael (Hebrew) – who is like God, savior

Noah (Hebrew) – rest, comfort, savior

Oliver (German) – olive tree, savior

Owen (Welsh) – well-born, savior

Pablo (Latin) – small, savior

Parker (English) – park keeper, savior

Pascal (French) – born at Easter, savior

Patrick (Latin) – noble-born, savior

Alexander (Greek origin): Savior of mankind

Christi (Greek origin): Follower of Christ

Christian (Greek origin): Follower of Christ

Christopher (Greek origin): Christ-bearer

Joshua (Hebrew origin): God saves

Savior (English origin): One who saves

Salvador (Spanish origin): Savior

Salvadoria (Spanish origin): Female form of Salvador

Salvadorita (Spanish origin): Diminutive of Salvadoria

Socorro (Spanish origin): Help; savior

Salvatore (Italian origin): Savior

Salvatrice (Italian origin): Female form of Salvatore

Salvatricea (Italian origin): Diminutive of Salvatrice

Sauveur (French origin): Savior

Sauveure (French origin): Female form of Sauveur

Sauveuse (French origin): Diminutive of Sauveure

Erlöser (German origin): Savior

Erlöserin (German origin): Female form of Erlöser

Erlöserchen (German origin): Diminutive of Erlöserin

Soter (Greek origin): Savior

Soteira (Greek origin): Female form of Soter

Soteria (Greek origin): Another female form of Soter

Yeshua (Hebrew origin): God saves

Hoshea (Hebrew origin): God saves

Najjad (Arabic origin): Savior

Najjada (Arabic origin): Female form of Najjad

Najjadiya (Arabic origin): Diminutive of Najjada

Tarun (Hindi origin): Savior

Taran (Hindi origin): Savior

Taranjit (Hindi origin): Savior of the world

Taraka (Sanskrit origin): Savior

Taraka Devi (Sanskrit origin): Goddess of salvation

Trakshaka (Sanskrit origin): One who protects from danger

Arani (Aramaic origin): Messiah

Gaizka (Basque origin): Savior

Musabingo (Lukonjo origin): Savior

Osagyefo (Akan origin): Savior king

Sosthenes (Greek origin): Savior of strength

Christi/Christian (Greek and English)

Socorro (Spanish and Portuguese)

Salvador/Salvatore (Spanish and Italian)

Sauveur (French and English)

Soter/Soteira (Greek and English)

Hoshea (Hebrew and English)

Tarun/Taran (Hindi and English)

Taraka/Taraka Devi (Sanskrit and English)

Osagyefo (Akan and English)

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