450+ Names That Mean Patience for Boys and Girls

Choosing a name for your child is an important decision that many parents spend a lot of time thinking about. Beyond honoring family or cultural traditions, many parents look for names that express positive virtues or traits they hope their child embodies. For those seeking a name connected to the trait of patience, there are several interesting options from a variety of origins. 

Patience is an important virtue in today’s fast-paced world, and its roots stem from the Latin word “patientia” meaning endurance and perseverance. There are beautiful baby names from cultures across the globe that capture the essence of patience. In this essay, we will explore some of the most popular and meaningful names that relate to patience, their cultural origins, and the virtuous associations behind them. Whether you are looking for a name that reflects steadfast perseverance, calm equanimity, or hopeful anticipation, there are diverse and lyrical names to consider that exemplify the quality of patience.

Names That Mean Patience for Boys

Sabr – Arabic origin, meaning “patience”

Dhairya – Sanskrit origin, meaning “courageous patience”

Savio – Latin origin, meaning “wise and patient”

Endurance – English origin, directly conveys patience

Kavi – Indian origin, meaning “poet” or “patient”

Tahan – Hebrew origin, meaning “to endure”

Halim – Arabic origin, meaning “gentle and patient”

Aniruddha – Sanskrit origin, meaning “unstoppable patience”

Longwei – Chinese origin, meaning “dragon’s patience”

Qaim – Arabic origin, meaning “steadfast patience”

Sereno – Spanish origin, meaning “serene and patient”

Hafiz – Arabic origin, meaning “guardian” or “protector of patience”

Vairaj – Sanskrit origin, meaning “patient king”

Tranquil – English origin, conveys a calm and patient nature

Shantam – Indian origin, meaning “peaceful patience”

Kienan – Irish origin, meaning “ancient patience”

Rafiq – Arabic origin, meaning “companion in patience”

Zaman – Arabic origin, meaning “time” or “enduring patience”

Yenidai – Turkish origin, meaning “new patience”

Jonah – Hebrew origin, meaning “dove” symbolizing patience

Kaviyaan – Sanskrit origin, meaning “poetic patience”

Solace – English origin, conveys comfort and patience

Rahim – Arabic origin, meaning “merciful and patient”

Nirmit – Sanskrit origin, meaning “created with patience”

Yitro – Hebrew origin, meaning “abundance of patience”

Waseem – Arabic origin, meaning “graceful and patient”

Siddharth – Sanskrit origin, meaning “one who attains patience”

Calmiston – English origin, a blend of “calm” and “patience”

Samudra – Sanskrit origin, meaning “ocean of patience”

Emiliano – Italian origin, meaning “rivaling patience”

Haleem – Arabic origin, meaning “forbearing and patient”

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Valiant – English origin, suggests courage and patience

Tavishi – Sanskrit origin, meaning “light of patience”

Sahil – Arabic origin, meaning “shore” symbolizing patience

Seraphim – Greek origin, meaning “fiery patience”

Adhiraj – Sanskrit origin, meaning “king of patience”

Stellan – Swedish origin, meaning “calm and patient”

Saburo – Japanese origin, meaning “third son, patient”

Yojit – Sanskrit origin, meaning “one who practices patience”

Serapis – Greek origin, meaning “son of patience”

Qudrat – Arabic origin, meaning “divine patience”

Yasir – Arabic origin, meaning “easygoing and patient”

Everard – English origin, meaning “brave and patient”

Sujit – Sanskrit origin, meaning “victory through patience”

Marwan – Arabic origin, meaning “flint stone,” symbolizing endurance

Clement – Latin origin, meaning “mild and patient”

Udarsh – Sanskrit origin, meaning “filled with patience”

Aarush – Sanskrit origin, meaning “first ray of patience”

Barak – Hebrew origin, meaning “lightning,” suggesting quick patience

Viraj – Sanskrit origin, meaning “resplendent patience”

Rayyan – Arabic origin, meaning “gates of Heaven,” symbolizing patience

Tranquilo – Spanish origin, meaning “calm and patient”

Varun – Sanskrit origin, meaning “lord of the water,” representing patience

Hoshiko – Japanese origin, meaning “star child, patient”

Salah – Arabic origin, meaning “righteousness and patience”

Sumanth – Sanskrit origin, meaning “calm and patient”

Tavish – Sanskrit origin, meaning “courageous patience”

Ishrat – Arabic origin, meaning “delightful patience”

Zenith – English origin, conveys the highest point of patience

Tirth – Sanskrit origin, meaning “sacred place, patient”

Hani – Arabic origin, meaning “happy and patient”

Rithvik – Sanskrit origin, meaning “saintly patience”

Shuji – Japanese origin, meaning “patient second son”

Niramay – Sanskrit origin, meaning “pure patience”

Zephyr – Greek origin, meaning “gentle breeze,” symbolizing calm patience

Rafan – Arabic origin, meaning “to endure with patience”

Ashmit – Sanskrit origin, meaning “rock-solid patience”

Yashvir – Sanskrit origin, meaning “brave patience”

Ziyaad – Arabic origin, meaning “abundance of patience”

Sakti – Sanskrit origin, meaning “strength of patience”

Fidel – Latin origin, meaning “faithful and patient”

Pratiksh – Sanskrit origin, meaning “awaiting with patience”

Zayd – Arabic origin, meaning “growth and patience”

Harshad – Sanskrit origin, meaning “one who gives joy with patience”

Zayyan – Arabic origin, meaning “graceful and patient”

Arjen – Dutch origin, meaning “eagle, patient”

Kausar – Arabic origin, meaning “abundance and patience”

Ritvik – Sanskrit origin, meaning “sacrificial patience”

Niranjan – Sanskrit origin, meaning “pure and patient”

Akal – Punjabi origin, meaning “timeless patience”

Shamik – Sanskrit origin, meaning “calm and patient”

Tarek – Arabic origin, meaning “morning star,” symbolizing patience

Shubhank – Sanskrit origin, meaning “auspicious patience”

Aarif – Arabic origin, meaning “knowing and patient”

Lennox – Scottish origin, meaning “with many patients”

Sahaj – Sanskrit origin, meaning “natural and patient”

Dayanand – Sanskrit origin, meaning “compassionate patience”

Rashad – Arabic origin, meaning “righteous and patient”

Tenzin – Tibetan origin, meaning “holder of patience”

Vrisan – Sanskrit origin, meaning “courageous patience”

Kamal – Arabic origin, meaning “perfection and patience”

Akshaj – Sanskrit origin, meaning “indestructible patience”

Riyad – Arabic origin, meaning “gardens,” symbolizing patience

Zoltan – Hungarian origin, meaning “life, patience”

Tanmay – Sanskrit origin, meaning “engrossed in patience”

Ashwin – Sanskrit origin, meaning “horse tamer,” symbolizing patience

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Names That Mean Patience for Girls

Aadhita – The one who is cultured

Aarohi – Ascending, rising

Aditi – Boundless, limitless

Advaita – Unique, matchless

Aishani – Goddess Durga

Akshita – Imperishable, indestructible

Amrita – Immortal, ambrosial

Anagh – Sinless, faultless

Ananya – Unique, matchless

Anupriya – Dear, beloved

Aparna – The one who fasts

Archana – Prayer, devoted

Arohi – Ascending, rising

Arunima – Glow of dawn

Bhavya – Grand, splendid

Bhairavi – Goddess Durga

Bhamini – The one who enchants

Bharati – Goddess of knowledge

Bhavini – Goddess Parvati

Chandani – Moonlight

Chitrani – Picturesque

Dayamayi – Kind-hearted, compassionate

Deepti – Brightness, glow

Dhriti – Courage, morale

Dhvani – Sound, echo

Dhyana – Meditation

Divya – Divine, celestial

Durga – Goddess Durga

Eesha – Goddess Parvati

Esha – Desire, wish

Gaurvi – Precious like gold

Gunjan – Humming, buzzing

Hansini – Smiling, radiant

Hridyata – Refreshing, soothing

Ila – Earth

Jagriti – Awakening

Jaya – Victorious

Jeevana – Life

Jyotsna – Moonlight

Kaamya – Dearest

Kaivalya – Solitude, isolation

Kalindi – River Yamuna

Kanta – Desired, beloved

Kanti – Beauty

Kritika – Goddess Durga

Kshama – Forgiveness

Laksha – Goal, aim

Lakshita – Desired, wanted

Madhvi – Sweet

Maithili – Girl from Mithila

Manasi – Intellectual, thoughtful

Manjari – Flower bud

Manjula – Beautiful

Manjusha – Treasure box

Medha – Intelligent

Medini – Earth

Moksha – Salvation, liberation

Nandita – Happy, delighted

Narayani – Goddess Durga

Neeti – Moral, righteous

Neha – Love, rain

Nidhi – Treasure

Nikhita – Concentrated

Niranjana – Night of the full moon

Nirati – Humble, modest

Nistha – Dedication, loyalty

Nitya – Eternal, permanent

Omisha – Goddess of birth and death

Oorvi – Wide, extensive

Padmini – Lotus

Pramada – Joyous

Pranati – Prayer, salutation

Pratiksha – Anticipation, wait

Priti – Joy, love

Punya – Virtuous, sacred

Pushpa – Flower

Rabhya – Worth praising

Rachana – Creation

Rati – Love, passion

Ratna – Gem

Ridhima – Full of love and joy

Roma – Wife of lord Vishnu

Saanvi – Goddess Lakshmi

Saburi – Patience

Sadhika – Accomplished

Sajni – Charming, beloved

Samanvita – United, absorbed

Samiksha – Review, analysis

Sana – Brilliant, praiseworthy

Sanjana – Generous, kind

Santati – Issue, generation

Santosh – Contentment

Sarla – Flowing

Saroja – Lotus

Sarvani – Goddess Durga

Satvika – Virtuous, truthful

Shailaja – Daughter of the mountains

Shakti – Power, strength

Shanta – Calm, peaceful

Shanti – Peace, tranquility

Shashvat – Eternal, permanant

Shraddha – Faith, trust

Shubha – Auspicious

Smriti – Memory

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Funny Names That Mean Patience

Calmington Waitford

Tranquila Easystead

Serenity Tardigrade

Chillbert Patiencepants

Delayna Zenmaster

Tolerancia McSerenity

Easygoing McWaitalot

Pacience S. Slowmo

Unrusha Turtlefield

Laidbacky McZenface

Leisurely Von Pausenstein

Savoria Longtimewaiter

Endurina Pausington

Perseverus Slackington

Sighlent Waitman

Not-So-Hasty Hastings

Patiencio Van Snoozer

Zenobia Tardyheart

Trudgeon Patienceworthy

Stilliam Calmtide

Delayla Snailington

Lollygag McTurtlestance

Coolmara Strollington

Waitwin Wittywait

Ponderosa Everslow

Quiecia Lingerfield

Sedatelina Delaysky

Tempora Lingerwell

Relaxa McGentletime

Unhurria Easywalker

Haltdelia Savorfoot

Lingerina Patientova

Slacktar Slowbreeze

Waitilda Tranquilflow

Unrushmore Languidsworth

Tardian Waitworthy

Chillexis Serenitide

Timeless McPatienceon

Delibra Zenfuldawn

Savora Laybackington

Slumberly Stillington

Endura Pauselight

Leisureton Waitleisure

Unfazedra Zenlaze

Chilliana Steadysigh

Patiencius McSlackerton

Easyrida Unhurriedale

Tardyly McTranquil

Savorina Slowdrip

Driftella Lingerlake

Calmmington Restfulshire

Latenilda Patienceworth

Placidius Laidbackius

Zenley Chillstone

Lollygaga Zenfella

Snailivia Delayslow

Moseyella Patientrella

Tranquilla Whimsyfoot

Waitlin Serenitude

Serenula Calmpause

Sighvanna Unrushedsky

Delibra Laybackwell

Enduria Pausemellow

Snailora Patienceglide

Relaxra Calmstream

Stillium Snoozehaven

Slowella Timebreeze

Zenrick Slowflow

Chillira Easyroam

Patiencia McStallmore

Lingerlin Serenityspin

Zenasha Strollafield

Unrushington Tranquillow

Chillara Easysigh

Stillando Patiencetime

Tranquilly McChillface

Pausephina Laidbacky

Driftoria Calmcurrent

Easybella Pauselight

Waiticia Placidpond

Tolerena Sleepington

Quiesco Slowblossom

Chillora Tardysmile

Patienceezy McWaitawhile

Zenara Laidbackmore

Serenitia Timelesser

Trudgeon Patiencebeats

Pausilda Easyslumber

Waitrick Zenstroll

Calmira Placidwave

Lingerly Timeforgiggle

Tranquilinda Unfazeda

Snoozara Patiencewhisper

Lollycinda Easygiggle

Slowanda Calmchuckle

Patiencio Giggletide

Easybert Chuckleflow

Zenalot Laughsworth

Hilaria Patiencegiggle

Chucklina Delaysnicker

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Unisex Names That Mean Patience

Aaliyah (Arabic) – patient, persevering

Aarna (Sanskrit) – patient, enduring

Aayush (Sanskrit) – long-lived, patient

Aella (Greek) – storm, whirlwind, patient

Anah (Arabic) – blessing, patient

Arielle (Hebrew) – lion of God, patient

Arin (Hebrew) – enlightened, calm and peaceful, patient

Asa (Hebrew) – physician, healer, calm, peaceful, patient

Amira (Arabic) – princess, patient

Ataraxia (Greek) – peace of mind, tranquility, patient

Atreyu (Sanskrit) – steadfast, patient

Bhavana (Sanskrit) – feeling, emotion, patient

Bhumika (Sanskrit) – earth, patient

Bodhi (Sanskrit) – awakening, enlightenment, patient

Brielle (Hebrew) – strong, brave, patient

Chaya (Sanskrit) – consciousness, light, patient

Chen (Chinese) – dawn, patient

Chi (Chinese) – life force, energy, patient

Chloe (Greek) – blooming, verdant, patient

Clementine (Latin) – mild, gentle, patient

Dhairya (Sanskrit) – patience, patient, courage

Dhriti (Sanskrit) – courage, morale, steadiness, command, pleasure, determination, patience, virtue

Dhyani (Sanskrit) – one who does contemplation, patient

Dhyana (Sanskrit) – meditation, patient

Eshana (Sanskrit) – wish, desire, patient

Esperanza (Spanish) – hope, patient

Ethereal (Greek) – heavenly, celestial, patient

Faith (English) – trust, confidence, patient

Fatima (Arabic) – one who abstains, patient

Florence (Latin) – flowering, patient

Grace (Latin) – elegance, charm, patient

Harmony (Greek) – agreement, concord, patient

Haven (English) – safe place, harbor, patient

Hope (English) – expectation of something desired, patient

Imani (Arabic) – faith, patient

Irene (Greek) – peace, patient

Irie (Jamaican) – good, alright, patient

Jannat (Arabic) – heaven, garden, patient

Jasmine (Persian) – gift from God, patient

Joy (English) – happiness, pleasure, patient

Kamala (Sanskrit) – lotus, patient

Karma (Sanskrit) – action, cause and effect, patient

Khloe (Greek) – blooming, verdant, patient

Leilani (Hawaiian) – heavenly child, patient

Lila (Sanskrit) – play, divine sport, patient

Lily (Latin) – flower, patient

Maeve (Irish) – intoxicating, patient

Maya (Sanskrit) – illusion, enchantment, patient

Melody (Greek) – sweet, harmonious sound, patient

Nadia (Arabic) – hope, patient

Namaste (Sanskrit) – I bow to you, patient

Nisha (Sanskrit) – night, patient

Olive (Greek) – tree, fruit, patient

Om (Sanskrit) – sacred sound, patient

Olivia (Latin) – olive tree, patient

Patience (English) – the capacity to accept or tolerate delay or trouble without getting angry or upset, patient

Pazienza (Italian) – patience, patient

Peri (Persian) – fairy, angel, patient

Quietitude (English) – state of peace and quiet, patient

Radiance (English) – brightness, brilliance, patient

Raina (Sanskrit) – queen, patient

Renee (French) – reborn, patient

Sabah (Arabic) – morning, patient

Sakina (Arabic) – peace, tranquility, patient

Serenity (English) – state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled, patien

Tranquility (English) – state of being calm and peaceful, patient

Uma (Sanskrit) – light,

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