200+ Names That Mean Hidden for Boys and Girls

Throughout history, names that mean hidden have held great significance in cultures around the world. More than just labels, names often carry deeper meanings, symbolizing qualities like strength, beauty, or grace. For many parents, choosing a meaningful name for their child is deeply important. One category of names that holds intrigue and allure are those that signify something hidden or secretive. Names with meanings like “mystery,” “enigma,” or “concealed” suggest something quietly powerful, subtly beautiful, or mysteriously unique about the bearer. 

In many cultures, these covert names are seen as bestowing a sense of privacy, protection, or cherished rarity upon a child. Though their definitions may be obscured, names with cloaked meanings can hold profound richness and complexity. In this essay, we will explore the tradition of hidden meaning names, their origins, interpretations, and enduring appeal as thoughtful monikers for girls across diverse cultures. By illuminating the history and symbolism of these cryptic names, we can better understand their powerful draw and timeless significance.

Names That Mean Hidden for Boys

Esai (Hebrew) – Hidden

Kaelan (Irish) – Slim and Fair, but also Hidden

Covert (English) – Concealed or Secret

Kairos (Greek) – Opportune Moment

Gwydion (Welsh) – Hidden or Secret Knowledge

Caden (Irish) – Son of Cadán, meaning “little battle”

Lars (Scandinavian) – Crowned with Laurels, Hidden

Caelum (Latin) – Hidden, Secret

Celio (Italian) – Hidden

Elam (Hebrew) – Hidden, Eternal

Kalon (Greek) – Hidden Beauty

Donovan (Irish) – Dark Brown, Hidden

Orin (Irish) – Dark-Haired, Hidden

Velan (Tamil) – Hidden

Nasir (Arabic) – Protector, Hidden

Coen (Dutch) – Bold Advisor, Brave and Hidden

Mystic (English) – Concealed in Mystery

Orpheus (Greek) – Darkness, Hidden

Alaric (Germanic) – Ruler of All, Hidden

Kieran (Irish) – Little Dark One, Hidden

Zephyr (Greek) – West Wind, Hidden

Conan (Irish) – Little Wolf, Hidden

Ronan (Irish) – Little Seal, Hidden

Elden (English) – Elf Valley, Hidden

Alaraf (Arabic) – Hidden, Concealed

Toren (Scandinavian) – Thor’s Bear, Hidden

Evander (Greek) – Good Man, Hidden

Donal (Irish) – World Leader, Hidden

Ravid (Hebrew) – Wanderer, Hidden

Taine (Irish) – Little Fighter, Hidden

Darian (Persian) – Upholder of the Good, Hidden

Teagan (Irish) – Little Poet, Hidden

Varian (Latin) – Truth Speaker, Hidden

Cian (Irish) – Ancient, Hidden

Selwyn (English) – Friend in the Castle, Hidden

Cadmus (Greek) – From the East, Hidden

Devin (Irish) – Poet, Hidden

Noctis (Latin) – Night, Hidden

Faelan (Irish) – Little Wolf, Hidden

Vesper (Latin) – Evening Star, Hidden

Wystan (Old English) – Battle Stone, Hidden

Myrrh (Greek) – Bitter, Hidden

Tyrion (Irish) – Land of Eoghan, Hidden

Egan (Irish) – Little Fire, Hidden

Nysa (Greek) – Goal, Hidden

Eron (Hebrew) – Enlightened, Hidden

Daelan (Irish) – Like a Glimmering Star, Hidden

Kael (Irish) – Slender, Hidden

Faelan (Irish) – Little Wolf, Hidden

Dreng (Old Norse) – Warrior, Hidden

Lysander (Greek) – Liberator, Hidden

Yarin (Hebrew) – He Will Sing; Hidden

Zephyros (Greek) – West Wind, Hidden

Eliran (Hebrew) – My God is Hidden

Fagan (Irish) – Little Fiery One, Hidden

Cadell (Welsh) – Battle, Hidden

Eirian (Welsh) – Bright, Hidden

Kylian (Irish) – Little Church, Hidden

Lennox (Scottish) – Elm Grove, Hidden

Sabian (Latin) – Of Sabine Origin, Hidden

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Tamir (Hebrew) – Tall, Hidden

Zane (Hebrew) – Gift from God, Hidden

Orson (Latin) – Bear Cub, Hidden

Coyan (Nahuatl) – Hidden

Kian (Irish) – Ancient, Hidden

Dysis (Greek) – Sunset, Hidden

Eilian (Welsh) – Second Son, Hidden

Havelock (Old Norse) – Sea Rest, Hidden

Cygnus (Latin) – Swan, Hidden

Soren (Danish) – Stern, Hidden

Faolan (Irish) – Little Wolf, Hidden

Gwynfor (Welsh) – Fair and Hidden

Amias (Latin) – Loved, Hidden

Zephan (Hebrew) – Hidden by God

Keran (Irish) – Dark-Haired, Hidden

Bardan (Irish) – Minstrel, Hidden

Kieran (Irish) – Dark-Haired, Hidden

Eldric (English) – Wise Ruler, Hidden

Theron (Greek) – Hunter, Hidden

Rune (Scandinavian) – Secret

Torin (Irish) – Chief, Hidden

Osian (Welsh) – Little Deer, Hidden

Cypher (English) – Symbolic Code, Hidden

Gaidan (Arabic) – Hidden

Afton (Old English) – From the Afton River, Hidden

Dael (Hebrew) – Knowledge of God, Hidden

Kaelum (Latin) – Hidden, Secret

Gwynn (Welsh) – Fair, Hidden

Hiram (Hebrew) – Exalted Brother, Hidden

Syon (Hebrew) – Zion, Hidden

Lyndon (English) – Lime Tree Hill, Hidden

Urien (Welsh) – Privileged Birth, Hidden

Osric (Old English) – Divine Ruler, Hidden

Tamas (Sanskrit) – Dark, Hidden

Yestin (Welsh) – Just, Hidden

Branan (Irish) – Raven, Hidden

Ulan (Mongolian) – Hidden

Ziven (Slavic) – Vigorous and Alive, Hidden

Wyn (Welsh) – Fair, Hidden

Kyron (Greek) – Supreme, Hidden

Names That Mean Hidden for Girls

Latifa – Gentle, pleasant

Amina – Faithful, trustworthy

Hayat – Life

Gizem – Mystery, riddle

Sirin – Secret, mysterious

Sana – Brilliance, splendor

Ariya – Noble

Afsa – Precious, valuable

Alya – Sky, heaven

Amena – Faithful, trustworthy

Bahija – Cheerful, joyful

Basya – Smile

Sirine – Mysterious

Suhayla – Little star

Ruya – Vision, dream

Nuray – Bright moon

Najwa – Secret conversation

Najia – Confidant

Mystique – Mystery

Myra – Fragrance

Maysoon – Beautiful face

Maryam – Mother of Jesus

Laila – Night beauty

Kāmya – A desired or wished for daughter

Ikhlas – Sincerity

Hafsa – Young lioness

Ghazal – Love poem

Fatema – Weaned one

Farah – Joy

Fahmida – Intelligent

Esta – Secret

Elham – Inspiration

Dilara – Lover

Delara – Enchanting beauty

Ceyda – Moon glow

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Ayah – Miracle, sign

Asya – Resurrection

Arwa – Somebody with a beautiful figure

Areej – Fragrance

Anisa – Friendly

Almas – Diamond

Alia – Beautiful

Aiza – Noble

Afifa – Chaste, virtuous

Zumurrud – Emerald

Yasmin – Jasmine

Wahida – Unique

Veda – Secret knowledge

Uma – Goddess Parvati

Tasnim – Fountain of paradise

Suhaila – Gentle star

Sana – Brilliance

Ruhi – Soul, spirit

Rasha – Young gazelle

Raihan – Sweet basil

Qamar – Moon

Nur – Light

Nisha – Night

Naima – Comfort, tranquility

Mystique – Mystery

Muskaan – Smile

Munira – Light, sunshine

Muna – Wish, desire

Mona – Solitary, unique

Misbah – Light, lamp

Maymuna – Blessed, fortunate

Maryam – Mother of Jesus

Mariam – Mother Mary

Manal – Attainment, achievement

Lina – Palm tree

Laila – Night beauty

Khyati – Famous

Kaamilah – Perfect

Iman – Faith

Huda – Right guidance

Hifza – Protection

Hayfa – Slender

Ghazal – Love poem

Farha – Joy

Fareeda – Unique

Fadila – Virtuous, excellent

Erum – Paradise

Elma – Kind, compassionate

Dhara – Constant flow

Anisa – Friendly

Alya – Sky, heaven

Aleena – Beautiful, gentle

Aida – Visiting, returning

Zahra – Flower

Yumna – Lucky, fortunate

Warda – Rose

Uzma – Greatest

Tasneem – A spring in paradise

Suhaila – Gentle star

Sirine – Enigmatic

Samia – Exalted, elevated

Ruqayya – Gentle, kind

Raihana – Sweet basil

Qamar – Moon

Nur – Light

Najwa – Secret

Najat – Safety

Muneera – Shining light

Mariam – Mother Mary

Lina – Palm tree

Laila – Night

Kareena – Pure

Iman – Faith

Ghazala – Beauty of a gazelle

Farah – Joy

Elham – Inspiration

Dhara – Constant flow

Anisa – Friendly

Areej – Fragrant

Amira – Princess

Aleena – Beautiful

Aida – Returning

Zahra – Flower

Yasmeen – Jasmine flower

Xenia – Hospitality

Wafa – Faithfulness

Veda – Hidden or secret knowledge

Uzma – Greatest

Tasneem – A fountain in paradise

Suhaila – Gentle star of the heavens

Sirine – Enigmatic

Ruhi – Spiritual

Ruksana – Beautiful

Raihana – Sweet basil

Qamar – Moon

Najwa – Secret, confidential talk

Nura – Light

Nisha – Whole night

Nazia – Pride, commitment

Muskaan – Smiling face

Muneera – Shining light

Mariam – Mother Mary

Lina – Palm tree

Laila – Born at night

Kareena – Pure

Iman – Faith

Huda – Right guidance

Ghazala – Beautiful gazelle

Farah – Joy

Elham – Inspiration

Dhara – Constant flow

Anisa – Close, intimate friend

Areej – Sweet fragrance

Amira – Princess

Aleena – Beautiful, peaceful

Aida – Visiting, returning

Zahra – Flower

Yumna – Good fortune

Xenia – Hospitality

Warda – Rose

Veda – Secret or hidden knowledge

Uzma – The greatest

Tasneem – A fountain in paradise

Suhaila – Gentle star of the heavens

Sirine – Enigmatic, mysterious

Ruhi – Soul, spirit

Ruksana – Beautiful

Raihana – Sweet basil

Qamar – Moon

Nura – Light

Nisha – Whole night

Nazia – Pride, devotion

Muskaan – Smiling face

Muneera – Shining light

Mariam – Mother Mary

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Unisex Names That Mean Hidden

Agadhi (Indian) – hidden

Alfrun (German) – the secret of mystical powers

Arcana (Italian) – secrets

Arcanum (Latin) – secret, mystery

Bian (Chinese) – hidden

Cebba (English) – hidden

Cerridwen (Welsh) – hidden goddess

Cyfrin (Welsh) – secret

Darnell (English) – hidden in the valley

Emrys (Welsh) – hidden

Enigma (Greek) – riddle, mystery

Ffion (Welsh) – hidden

Guirec (British) – hidden

Hemsa (Arabic, Indian) – whisper, secret, sun

Hulda (Hebrew) – hidden

Ichtaca (Aztec) – secret

Ichtacka (Aztec) – secret

Kahuna (Hawaiian) – the hidden secret

Kasper (Persian) – treasurer of secrets

Kelda (Celtic) – hidden spring

Llyn (Welsh) – hidden lake

Mysterium (Latin) – mystery

Naisho (Japanese) – secrecy

Nemesis (Greek) – goddess of divine retribution

Niamh (Irish) – bright, radiant, hidden

Obsidian (Greek) – dark, hidden

Orton (German) – secret

Oz (Hebrew) – strength, hidden, strong

Pandora (Greek) – all-gifted, hidden

Raz (Hebrew) – secret

Rhys (Welsh) – secret

River (English) – hidden

Runa (Scandinavian) – secret, whisper

Rune (Scandinavian) – secret, whisper

Sienna (Italian) – hidden

Silas (Latin) – forest, hidden

Silvanus (Latin) – forest god, hidden

Skye (Scottish) – cloudy isle, hidden

Talia (Greek) – abundance, hidden

Taliesin (Welsh) – shining brow, hidden

Tammuz (Sumerian) – hidden sun god

Whisper (English) – hidden sound

Zephaniah (Hebrew) – hidden of the Lord

Aisling (Irish) – dream, vision

Ambrose (Greek) – immortal, hidden

Aura (Latin) – breeze, aura, hidden mystery

Azure (French) – blue, hidden

Bliss (English) – supreme happiness, hidden

Charm (English) – magic spell, hidden attraction

Chloe (Greek) – blooming, hidden

Clover (English) – good luck, hidden

Corvus (Latin) – raven, hidden

Cove (English) – small inlet, hidden place

Dawn (English) – daybreak, hidden mystery

Dusk (English) – twilight, hidden mystery

Echo (Greek) – sound reflected, hidden

Enigma (Greek) – riddle, mystery

Essence (French) – nature, hidden core

Ethereal (Greek) – heavenly, hidden

Evanescence (French) – fleeting quality, hidden

Fae (Irish) – fairy, hidden

Fantasy (French) – imagination, hidden

Feather (English) – light plume, hidden mystery

Filigree (Italian) – delicate tracery, hidden

Flicker (English) – waver, hidden mystery

Flit (English) – move quickly, hidden movement

Flutter (English) – move rapidly, hidden movement

Fragrance (French) – sweet smell, hidden

Gleam (English) – weak flash of light, hidden mystery

Glimpse (English) – brief look, hidden view

Glimmer (English) – faint light, hidden mystery

Gloam (English) – twilight, hidden mystery

Glow (English) – soft light, hidden mystery

Grace (Latin) – elegance, hidden beauty

Halo (Greek) – ring of light,

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