200+ Names That Mean Greed for Boys and Girls

Names That Mean Greed: While names often carry positive and meaningful connotations, the notion of a name explicitly signifying “greed” is unconventional and may be laden with negative implications. Names traditionally serve as reflections of positive attributes, aspirations, or cultural significance. It is rare to find names directly associated with negative traits, as they are typically chosen to convey love, beauty, strength, or other virtues.

Nevertheless, exploring names with nuanced meanings related to desire, ambition, or longing can yield alternatives that encapsulate complex human emotions and motivations. In this collection, we delve into names that may symbolize various facets of desire without directly embracing the negative connotation of greed. These names carry subtle meanings and interpretations, allowing for a more positive and versatile perspective on the qualities they embody.

Names That Mean Greed for Boys

Achan – One who troubles

Ahriman – Evil spirit

Akin – Wicked

Avadon – Destroyer

Baraq – Lightning

Brutus – Heavy, stupid

Cain – Acquisition

Caligula – Little boot

Cassius – Vain, empty

Cleo – Glory

Croesus – Wealthy king

Cyrus – Sun

Dagan – Grain

Damon – Tamer

Dario – Wealthy

Deimos – Terror

Diomedes – Cunning, scheming

Drakon – Dragon, serpent

Ebenezer – Stone of help

Eliphaz – God his strength

Enoch – Dedicated

Ephron – Fawn-like

Esau – Hairy

Ezekiel – God strengthens

Gehazi – Valley of vision

Goliath – Exile

Goran – Farmer

Greedo – Overfed one

Grimm – Fierce

Hadad – Thunder

Haman – Magnificent

Hayreddin – Best of the religion

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Iago – Supplanter

Ingvar – Famous chief

Jabin – Discerner

Jannes – He vexes

Japheth – May he expand

Jared – Descendent

Jehoiakim – Jehovah raises up

Jerahmeel – God has compassion

Jeroboam – He contends for the people

Jezebel – Not exalted

Joab – Jehovah is father

Judas – Praised

Kaeso – Hairy

Kajetan – He who shall be obeyed

Kale – Strong and manly

Keanu – Cool breeze over the mountains

Khayyam – Tent maker

Klaus – Victorious people

Kobus – Jacob

Kuoni – Legendary greedy Swiss mountain guide

Laban – White

Lamech – Despairing

Liran – My song

Lotan – Covering

Magog – Land of Gog

Mammon – Riches

Manasseh – Causing to forget

Midas – He who loves riches

Miseria – Wretchedness

Moliere – To grind

Moloch – King

Mordechai – Little man

Naaman – Pleasantness

Nabal – Fool

Nahash – Snake

Nahor – Snorting

Nimrod – Rebellion, the valiant

Omri – Sheaf of corn

Onan – Strong

Ornan – Rejoicing

Oziel – Strength of God

Parmenio – Abiding

Paulus – Small, humble

Phinehas – Mouth of brass

Pilate – Armed with javelin

Pindarus – He who gathers booty

Ptolemy – Aggressive, warlike

Pyrrhus – Red-haired

Rafferty – Abundance, prosperity

Rehoboam – Who enlarges the people

Rex – King

Sargon – True king

Sceva – Desire

Shylock – From Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice

Sisera – Battle array

Tahmid – All praise be to God

Tantalus – Torment

Tubal – Worldly possessions

Utnapishtim – He found life

Vidar – Wide ruler

Xerxes – Ruler over heroes

Yaroslav – Lust for glory

Zabulon – Habitation

Zakkai – Innocent

Zalmon – Shady

Zarade – God has endowed

Zeb – Wolf

Zimri – My praise

Zohar – Brightness

Aakil – Intelligent

Aarush – First ray of sun

Abhiraj – Brave king

Abrar – Virtuous

Names That Mean Greed for Girls

Avaritia – Latin for greed

Covetia – Latin, meaning to covet or desire

Luxuria – Latin for excess or luxury

Cupida – Latin for desire

Desideria – Latin, meaning strong desire

Himeros – Greek, personification of desire

Thanata – Greek, meaning desire or longing

Epithumia – Greek for lust or desire

Hedone – Greek, goddess of pleasure and desire

Kradle – A creative combination of “crave” and “addle”

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Greedella – A playful variation of “greed”

Avidonia – A blend of “avid” and “donia” (from donum, Latin for gift)

Zealira – A combination of “zeal” and a hint of “ira” (Latin for anger)

Wishara – A fusion of “wish” and “avarice”

Envyra – A combination of “envy” and a touch of “ra” for desire

Lustina – A blend of “lust” and a feminine ending

Voracelle – Derived from “voracious”

Cravessa – A creative mix of “crave” and a feminine sound

Temptara – A blend of “temptation” and a feminine touch

Yearnelle – A combination of “yearn” and a feminine ending

Desiraux – A play on “desire” with a touch of elegance

Acquisita – Italian for acquired or possessed

Greedonia – A fictional place name with a nod to greed

Insatira – A blend of “insatiable” and “ira” (Latin for anger)

Wanthia – A creative twist on “want”

Hankerelle – A fusion of “hanker” and a feminine ending

Cravonia – A combination of “crave” and a hint of mystery

Zealtha – A play on “zeal” with a feminine touch

Rapacelle – Derived from “rapacious”

Covetessa – A blend of “covet” and a feminine ending

Desirique – A creative twist on “desire”

Gluttona – A feminine form of “gluttony”

Hoardara – A combination of “hoard” and a feminine touch

Lustique – A play on “lust” with a unique ending

Consumella – A fusion of “consume” and a feminine sound

Cravisa – A shorter form of “crave” with a feminine touch

Covetara – A blend of “covet” and a touch of mystery

Possessa – A feminine form of “possess”

Envyrae – A creative twist on “envy”

Greedence – A play on “greed” with a unique ending

Yearna – A short and creative form of “yearn”

Longara – A play on “longing” with a feminine touch

Desirielle – A combination of “desire” and a feminine ending

Wisharae – A creative twist on “wish” with a unique ending

Cravea – A short and unique form of “crave”

Thirsta – A play on “thirst” with a feminine touch

Wantara – A blend of “want” and a touch of mystery

Acquria – A creative twist on “acquire”

Lustella – A blend of “lust” and a feminine ending

Havingsa – A play on “having” with a feminine touch

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Unisex Names That Mean Greed

Avarice (Latin): Greed for wealth or material possessions.

Concupiscence (Latin): Excessive or uncontrollable desire.

Covetousness (English): A strong desire to possess something that belongs to someone else.

Cupidity (Latin): A strong desire for wealth or other material possessions.

Mammon (New Testament Greek): Material wealth or possessions considered as an object of worship.

Materialism (English): The tendency to place excessive emphasis on material possessions.

Mercantilism (English): An economic system in which trade is regulated by the government in order to maximize exports and minimize imports.

Plutocracy (Greek): A government or society in which the wealthy have the most power.

Rapacity (Latin): Excessive greed or a desire to acquire something.

Venality (Latin): Greed for money or other material possessions.

Other unisex names that mean greed or are associated with greed:

Alastor (Greek): A name for the Greek god Zeus, who was known for his greed and envy.

Altin (Turkish): Gold.

Argyros (Greek): Silver.

Asher (Hebrew): Fortunate, happy, or rich.

Avani (Sanskrit): Earth or wealth.

Darva (English): Wealthy or rich.

Eshe (Swahili): Life or wealthy.

Fortune (English): Luck or wealth.

Kaori (Japanese): Fragrance or wealth.

Koa (Hawaiian): Brave or wealthy.

Midas (Greek): A name for the Greek king Midas, who was known for his greed and his ability to turn everything he touched into gold.

Prospero (Italian): Thriving or successful.

Ruby (English): A red precious gemstone.

Unisex names that are inspired by precious metals or gems:











Unisex names that are associated with money or wealth:












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