280+ Names That Mean Free for Boys and Girls

Freedom is one of the most fundamental human values, sought after across cultures and throughout history. Names that mean free embody the concept of liberty and emancipation can therefore make meaningful and uplifting name choices for baby girls. From ancient goddesses to natural symbols of freedom, names with meanings like “free,” “liberty,” and “independent” express values like empowerment, self-determination, and strength. 

Whether inspired by mythology, nature, or lofty abstract ideals, over 100 female names carry meanings related to the timeless virtue of freedom. Choosing one of these names for a daughter confers not just the literal meaning, but also the aspirational attributes of a free spirit – authenticity, fearlessness, and independence. Names with freedom-related meanings remind little girls of their autonomy and potential while conveying the parents’ wish for them to have limitless, unencumbered lives. This diverse collection of names provides inspiring and liberating options for parents seeking a name for their baby girl that exemplifies the power of freedom.

Names That Mean Free for Boys

Azad – Free (Persian)

Freeland – Land of the free (English)

Liberio – Free man (Italian)

Ippolito – Free, liberal (Italian)

Svoboda – Freedom (Russian)

Eleutherios – Free (Greek)

Volya – Will, freedom (Russian)

Muktananda – One who has found freedom (Sanskrit)

Frey – Lord, nobleman (Norse)

Arayu – Free and independent (Hopi)

Fritjof – Thief of peace (Norse)

Baldwin – Bold, brave friend (Germanic)

Hakan – Free of flaws (Turkish)

Hurriyyah – Freedom (Arabic)

Valters – Ruler of the army (Latvian)

Jirair – Freedom (Armenian)

Eleuthere – Free (French)

Ruri – Freedom (Japanese)

Vilyam – Resolute protector (Scottish)

Eda – Wealthy, happy (German)

Adelio – Noble, free (Italian)

Akeem – Wise, intelligent (Arabic)

Uruna – Freedom (Japanese)

Frigg – Beloved (Norse)

Faisal – Decisive (Arabic)

Franko – Free man (German)

Eluwilussit – Holy one (Hopi)

Oberon – Noble, bear-like (German)

Hurr – Free, independent (Arabic)

Volyk – Free like a wolf (Russian)

Libertus – Freedman (Latin)

Freydis – Noble woman (Norse)

Asher – Fortunate, blessed (Hebrew)

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Bahram – Victory (Persian)

Carwen – Blessed love (Welsh)

Eleutherius – Free (Latin)

Frea – Lord (Norse)

Janagan – Free spirit (Sanskrit)

Rizwan – Acceptance, good will (Arabic)

Tumelano – Unity (Tswana)

Jayasheel – One who is victorious (Sanskrit)

Theodoric – People’s ruler (Germanic)

Zenon – Gift of Zeus (Greek)

Freidun – Three-headed dragon (Persian)

Balder – Prince, brave man (Norse)

Kanoa – The free one (Hawaiian)

Phelan – Joyful, little wolf (Irish)

Zarif – Elegant, graceful (Arabic)

Eilif – Eternal descendant (Norse)

Freyr – Lord (Norse)

Naveed – Good news (Persian)

Ravi – Sun (Sanskrit)

Arvid – Eagle tree (Norse)

Vatan – Homeland (Persian)

Tirit – Free bird (Maori)

Arlo – Hill, fortification (Old English)

Moksh – Liberation, freedom (Sanskrit)

Edric – Wealthy ruler (English)

Freman – Free man (English)

Baldwin – Bold friend (Germanic)

Kemal – Perfect, complete (Turkish)

Eilam – Forever, eternal (Hebrew)

Efan – Form of Evan, meaning young warrior (Welsh)

Zadok – Righteous (Hebrew)

Hadi – Guide to righteousness (Arabic)

Taro – Big son (Japanese)

Chagan – Falcon (Mongolian)

Theodor – Gift of God (Greek)

Adeem – Rare (Arabic)

Radley – Red meadow (English)

Baris – Peace (Turkish)

Jivan – Life (Sanskrit)

Anurag – Love, attachment (Sanskrit)

Caden – Son of battle (Irish)

Zephyr – West wind (Greek)

Flavian – Yellow-haired (Latin)

Isamu – Courage, bravery (Japanese)

Farrokh – Happy, fortunate (Persian)

Kenzo – Strong and healthy (Japanese)

Fidel – Faithful (Latin)

Eirik – Eternal ruler (Norse)

Darian – Upholder of the good (Persian)

Asad – Lion (Arabic)

Freestone – Free-spirited (English)

Omid – Hope (Persian)

Tanvir – Illuminated (Persian)

Zephyros – West wind (Greek)

Yuktan – United (Sanskrit)

Azlan – Lion (Malay)

Jelal – Splendor, glory (Arabic)

Onni – Happiness (Finnish)

Harith – Ploughman (Arabic)

Faiyaz – Artistic, successful (Persian)

Zoltan – Life (Hungarian)

Adil – Just, fair (Arabic)

Furaha – Joy (Swahili)

Zeki – Intelligent (Turkish)

Wajih – Noble, eminent (Arabic)

Tait – Cheerful, lively (Old Norse)

Tovio – God is good (Hebrew)

Names That Mean Free for Girls

Adelina – Noble, kind

Aingeal – Angel

Alanna – Dear child

Alethea – Truth

Alita – Noble

Althea – Wholesome

Aoife – Radiant, beautiful

Araminta – Free, lofty protector

Ariadne – Very holy

Ariana – Very holy

Aviva – Springtime, renewal

Azadi – Freedom

Aziza – Precious, cherished

Basanti – Of spring

Beatrix – Voyager, traveller

Branwen – Beautiful, fair raven

Britomartis – Sweet virgin

Bronwen – Fair breasts

Cara – Dear, beloved

Carina – Little darling

Caron – To love

Ceridwen – Poetess, beloved

Ciara – Dark, black

Cinderella – Little ashes

Colleen – Girl, maiden

Columba – Dove

Cordelia – Heart, daughter of the sea

Dalila – Gentle

Dama – Lady

Dana – Mother of the Tuatha De Danann (Irish mythology)

Danica – Morning star

Daphne – Laurel tree

Deirdre – Sorrowful, sad

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Delia – Of Delos

Deona – Divine

Deryn – Bird

Desdemona – Of the devils

Dextra – Right hand

Drucilla – Dewy eyes

Dulcinea – Sweet

Eilidh – Sunshine

Eileen – Light

Elaine – Light

Electra – Bright, shining

Elektra – Incandescent

Eleri – Snowdrop

Elowen – Elf joy

Elsa – God is my oath

Emer – Swift

Emlyn – Brave

Epona – Divine horse

Erin – From Ireland

Etain – Little fire

Eva – Life

Evangeline – Good news

Eve – Life

Evelyn – Desired

Fae – Fairy

Fainne – Ring

Fallon – Leader

Felicity – Happiness

Fiadh – Wild

Fidelma – Constant, faithful

Fiona – Fair, white

Frideswide – Bond of peace

Freya – Lady

Gaia – Earth

Galina – Calm, serene

Genevieve – Woman of the people

Ginevra – Fair bow, white wave

Gwen – Fair, blessed

Gwyneth – Happiness, blessed

Harmonia – Harmony

Hestia – Hearth, fireside

Ianthe – Violet flower

Ife – Love

Inanna – Lady of the sky

Iolanthe – Violet flower

Ione – Violet flower

Iseult – Fair lady

Isla – Island

Isobel – God’s promise

Isolde – Fair lady

Juno – Queen of the heavens

Kerensa – Love

Kimberly – Royal fortress meadow

Kyla – Victorious

Leona – Lioness

Libby – God is my oath

Liberty – Freedom

Linnet – Small songbird

Lisa – God’s promise

Liv – Life, protection

Lorelei – Alluring, tempting rock

Louisa – Famous warrior

Loveday – Day of love

Lovelyn – Lovely, handsome

Luna – Moon

Lyra – Lyre

Madra – Good mother

Maeve – Intoxicating

Mai – Brightness, light

Malina – Raspberry

Mallory – Unfortunate, ill-fated

Megan – Pearl

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Unisex Names That Mean Free

Abrial (Hebrew)

Aditi (Sanskrit)

Amadi (Igbo)

April (English)

Armani (Italian)

Azad (Arabic, Persian, Hindi)

Blythe (Old English)

Carl (Old German)

Carla (Old German)

Carleton (Old English)

Carlos (Spanish)

Carlotta (Spanish)

Carlsen (Old Norse)

Carly (Old English)

Carol (English)

Carolina (German)

Caroline (German)

Carolyn (German)

Carrie (Old English)

Chang (Chinese)

Charlee (Old English)

Charlene (Old English)

Charles (Old German)

Charley (Old English)

Charlie (Old English)

Charlize (Old English)

Charlotte (Old English)

Charlton (Old English)

Chuck (Old English)

Cisco (Spanish)

Corliss (Old English)

Damica (Greek)

Darby (Old Irish)

Dermot (Old Irish)

Deror (Hebrew)

Diarmaid (Old Irish)

Eleftheria (Greek)

Erkin (Turkish)

Fanchon (French)

Fancy (English)

Fanny (Flemish)

Ferenc (Hungarian)

Fielder (Old English)

Fran (Old English)

Frances (Old English)

Francesca (Old English)

Francine (Old English)

Francis (Old English)

Francisco (Spanish)

Franco (Spanish)

Frank (Old German)

Frankie (Old German)

Frankito (Spanish)

Franklin (Old English)

Franny (Old English)

Free (English)

Freeman (English)

Frisco (Spanish)

Frost (English)

Hernando (Old German)

Hippolyte (Greek)

Isandro (Greek)

Isra (Arabic)

Jephthah (Hebrew)

Karl (Old German)

Karla (Old German)

Karlee (Old German)

Kermit (Irish)

Kymani (Swahili)

Lefteris (Greek)

Liber (Latin)

Libera (Latin)

Liberato (Latin)

Liberty (English)

Madhu (Sanskrit)

Marlo (Old English)

Marlow (Old English)

Marlowe (Old English)

Neberd (Kurdish)

Nebez (Kurdish)

River (English)

Sage (Latin)

Serbest (Kurdish)

Skylar (Old Norse)

Swaraj (Sikh, Punjabi)

Volya (Russian)

Willow (Old English)

Abrial (English) – free will

Aditi (Indian) – boundless, free

Amadi (African) – free, independent

April (English) – to open

Armani (Italian) – eagle, free one

Azad (Indian) – free, independent

Blythe (English) – carefree, joyful

Carl (German) – free man

Carla (German) – free woman

Carleton (English) – free man’s town

Carlo (Italian) – free man

Carlos (Spanish) – free man

Carlotta (Italian) – free woman

Carlsen (Danish) – son of the free man

Carly (English) – free woman

Carol (English) – song of joy, free

Carolina (Spanish) – free woman

Caroline (German) – free woman

Carolyn (German) – free woman

Carrie (English) – free woman

Chang (Chinese) – free, open

Charlee (English) – free man

Charlene (English) – free woman

Charles (English) – free man

Charley (English) – free man

Charlie (English) – free man

Charlize (English) – free woman

Charlotte (French) – free woman

Charlton (English) – free man’s settlement

Chuck (English) – free man

Cisco (Spanish) – falcon, free one

Corliss (English) – free from care

Damica (Greek) – to tame, to subdue

Darby (Irish) – free wanderer

Dermot (Irish) – free man

Deror (Hebrew) – freedom

Diarmaid (Irish) – free man

Eleftheria (Greek) – freedom

Erkin (Turkish) – free, independent

Fanchon (French) – free woman

Fancy (English) – free imagination

Fanny (French) – free woman

Fanya (Hebrew) – free woman

Ferenc (Hungarian) – free man

Fielder (English) – one who dwells in the open country

Fran (English) – free woman

Franca (Italian) – free woman

Frances (English) – free woman

Francesca (Italian) – free woman

Francine (French) – free woman

Francis (English) – free man

Francisco (Spanish) – free man

Franco (Italian) – free man

Frank (English) – free man

Frankie (English) – free man

Frankito (Spanish) – free man

Franklin (English) – free man’s land

Franny (English) – free woman

Free (English) – free

Freeman (English) – free man

Frisco (English) – free city

Frost (English) – cold and clear, free

Frostine (English) – cold and clear, free

Hernando (Spanish) – daring one, free one

Hippolyte (Greek) – horse-looser, free one

Isandro (Greek) – defender of people, free one

Isra (Hebrew) – upright, free

Jephthah (Hebrew) – he opens

Karl (German) – strong man, free man

Karla (German) – strong woman, free woman

Karlee (English) – free woman

Kermit (German) – free man

Kymani (African) – my spirit, free spirit

Lefteris (Greek) – free

Liber (Roman) – free

Libera (Roman) – free

Liberato (Roman) – freedman

Liberty (English) – freedom

Madhu (Indian) – sweet, honey, free

Neberd (Kurdish) – freedom

Nebez (Kurdish) – freedom

Sarabande (French) – dance of liberty

Serbest (Kurdish) – freedom

Swaraj (Sikh and Punjabi) – liberty, freedom

Volya (Russian) – freedom, will

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