350+ Names That Mean Fear for Boys and Girls

In the realm of nomenclature, names often carry profound meanings that resonate with cultural, linguistic, or emotional significance. Some names go beyond mere labels and encapsulate powerful emotions, like the intriguing category of names that embody the essence of fear. These names, drawn from various linguistic origins and cultures, encapsulate the visceral sensation of trepidation and unease.

From the ancient echoes of Latin and Greek to inventive modern constructions, each name carries a unique resonance, suggesting an aura of fear or instilling a sense of foreboding. This collection reflects the rich tapestry of human expression, where even names become a conduit for the complex and primal emotion of fear.

Names That Mean Fear for Boys

Timor – Latin for fear

Dreadon – A combination of “dread” and “don”

Phobos – Greek god of fear

Horroris – A variation of “horror”

Terrifyer – A creative twist on “terrify”

Pavor – Latin for dread

Panikos – Greek for panic

Caligus – Latin for darkness and fear

Shudder – A literal expression of fear

Infernos – Latin for fear, dread

Quiver – A trembling in fear

Trepidus – Latin for anxious or fearful

Terrorus – A creative take on “terror”

Grimmson – Derived from “grim,” meaning forbidding or terrifying

Creepus – A play on “creep” with a fearful twist

Dismayus – Inspired by “dismay”

Alarmis – Suggestive of alarm and fear

Abyssus – Latin for abyss, often associated with fear

Panicson – A combination of “panic” and “son”

Threaten – A name that implies a sense of threat and fear

Chaos – Representing disorder and fear

Frighton – A play on “fright”

Anxion – A fusion of anxiety and fear

Scareloch – Merging “scare” and a twist on Loch Ness

Darkorus – A blend of “dark” and a touch of fear

Cowerin – Derived from “cower,” meaning to shrink in fear

Reptilon – Evoking fear of reptiles

Quakar – A play on “quake” and fear

Gloomsby – Combining “gloom” and a mysterious touch

Dreadlock – A play on “dread” with a unique twist

Specter – Referring to a ghostly apparition

Fearsome – Directly conveying a sense of fear

Atron – A name that sounds ominous

Menacius – From “menace,” suggesting a threatening presence

Perilus – Conveying a sense of danger and fear

Wraithus – Similar to “wraith,” a spirit or ghost

Chillson – Evoking a chilling sense of fear

Harrow – Suggesting a feeling of horror

Mysterion – A mysterious and fearful name

Pallor – Latin for fear or anxiety

Ghastor – Inspired by “ghastly”

Shadowick – Blending “shadow” with a mysterious touch

Tremorin – Derived from “tremor,” a shaking fear

Unnervon – A play on “unnerve”

Drearyn – A combination of “dreary” and a touch of fear

Startlon – A play on “startle”

Dreadwyn – A fusion of “dread” and a unique ending

Whisperon – Suggesting a fearful whisper

Mortifex – Latin for bringer of death, instilling fear

Hauntus – A play on “haunt”

Quashon – Evoking a sense of quashing fear

Apprehen – Derived from “apprehension”

Crypton – Suggesting a hidden and fearful place

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Gorelin – A blend of “gore” and a unique ending

Eclipsus – Like an eclipse, suggesting darkness and fear

Shadron – A combination of “shadow” and a unique ending

Pantheon – Suggesting a place of all-encompassing fear

Vexon – Conveying a sense of vexation and fear

Netherus – A name suggesting something from the netherworld

Dolorus – Latin for sorrow and fear

Quellion – A play on “quell” and fear

Grimshroud – Merging “grim” and a sense of covering

Dreadheart – Combining “dread” with the center of emotions

Obscurus – Latin for obscure, suggesting hidden fear

Eerius – A play on “eerie”

Intimidon – Combining “intimidate” with a unique ending

Frostbite – Suggesting a chilling fear

Dreadnaut – A fusion of “dread” and an adventurous touch

Crypsis – Suggesting hidden fear or concealment

Terrigon – A combination of “terror” and a unique ending

Voragis – Latin for whirlpool, suggesting a consuming fear

Hesitron – From “hesitate,” suggesting fear and uncertainty

Petrifear – Merging “petrify” with fear

Eclipsion – A variation of “eclipse” with a fearful twist

Shroudon – A play on “shroud” and a unique ending

Quiverson – A play on “quiver” with a unique twist

Forebodon – A combination of “forebode” and a unique ending

Gorgonize – Suggesting a fear similar to being turned to stone

Stygian – Associated with the river Styx, often linked to fear

Threator – A creative twist on “threat”

Spectron – Suggesting a spectral and fearful presence

Vortexus – Evoking a sense of being drawn into fear

Duskfall – Combining “dusk” with a sense of falling into fear

Fearforge – A fusion of “fear” and a touch of crafting

Ephemir – A play on “ephemeral,” suggesting fleeting fear

Phantasmir – Combining “phantasm” with a touch of mystery

Doomus – A name that implies an inevitable sense of doom

Names That Mean Fear for Girls

Afra – meaning demon or devil

Aicha – powerful and feared

Aira – the wind, storm

Ara – brings rain, stormy

Ayesha – woman, life

Baariz – lightning, thunder

Bahija – joyful, cheerful

Banafsha – violet flower

Bawar – belief, trust

Bay – auburn haired

Bisma – smile

Chahna – loved

Chanda – moonlight

Dahila – from the valley, gentle

Dawar – whirlpool

Dharti – earth

Dua – prayer, call

Eira – snow

Ekata – unity

Ezdia – helpful

Fajar – dawn, beginning

Fareeha – happy, joyful

Farha – joy

Farrin – euphoric, happy

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Fateen – clever, smart

Fayruz – turquoise

Ghazal – love poem

Hadiya – gift, present

Hafsa – cub

Hajar – independent

Hajra – emigrant

Hana – bliss, happiness

Hanan – mercy, compassion

Havva – Eve (from the Bible)

Hayat – life

Hira – diamond, stone

Iman – faith, belief

Inaara – brightness, light

Inaya – care, concern

Iqra – to recite, read

Irsa – rainbow

Ishrat – society, companionship

Izdihar – flourishing, blooming

Jahan – world, universe

Jala – clarity, purity

Jamilah – beautiful

Jannat – paradise, heaven

Kainat – universe, space

Kala – art, skill

Kali – bud, flower

Kamala – lotus

Kanza – treasure

Karam – generous, kind

Kashf – reveal, unveil

Kashvi – shining, brilliant

Kavita – poem

Kayenaat – universe

Khushi – happiness

Kira – sun ray

Laleh – tulip flower

Lateefa – gentle, kind

Laya – born at night

Lina – tender, delicate

Lubna – pearl

Mahira – skilled, talented

Mahnoor – light of the moon

Maimoona – fortunate, lucky

Malaika – angel

Manal – achievement

Mariya – purity

Marvi – woman of Merv

Mashira – that illuminates

Maysa – to walk with a proud swaying gait

Meha – rain

Misha – smiled

Muneera – luminous

Mysha – happy for entire life

Nadia – delicate, tender

Nagina – gem, jewel

Naisha – special, rare

Najwa – secret whisper

Nargis – daffodil

Nasira – victorious, helper

Nasreen – wild rose

Natasha – birthday of Christ

Nayab – rare, unique

Nazaha – purity

Nazihah – honest

Nazneen – beautiful

Neha – rain

Nida – call, appeal

Nira – focused, attentive

Noor – light, brilliance

Nuha – intelligence

Nura – light, fire

Nyssa – beginning

Omaira – red

Pari – fairy

Qadeeha – capable, strong

Qamar – moon

Qumri – moonlight

Rabab – wind instrument

Rabiya – spring, garden

Rafif – kind, gentle

Rahima – merciful, compassionate

Raihana – sweet basil

Rajiya – hope

Rama – goddess

Ramla – prophetess

Rashida – righteous, mature

Rehana – sweet basil

Reya – watered

Ruhi – spiritual

Rukhsana – beautiful

Rukhsar – cheek

Rumaysa – bunch of flowers

Ruth – compassion, friend

Sabra – patient, enduring

Saffa – pure

Saffiya – best friend

Safiya – pure

Sahar – dawn

Saiqa – lightning

Sakeena – peace, tranquility

Salma – peaceful, safe

Samia – elevated, sublime

Samira – companion in evening conversation

Sana – brilliance

Shadhiya – singer

Shagufta – bouquet of flowers

Shameem – sweet smelling flower

Shona – gold

Soraya – princess

Suhana – pleasant

Suhayla – smooth, easy

Sumaiya – pure

Sundus – silk

Tabassum – smiling

Tahira – pure, chaste

Tasmiyah – to name, mention

Tasneem – fountain of paradise

Tayyaba – good, righteous

Tehreem – kind, generous

Ujala – brightness, dawn

Umaima – knowledgeable

Unaysa – cultivate friendship

Uzma – greatest

Wafaa – loyalty

Wajihah – eminent, distinguished

Yara – small butterfly

Yasmin – jasmine flower

Yumna – good fortune

Yusra – ease, facility

Zahab – gold

Zaina – beauty, grace

Zara – in flower

Zarnab – golden moon

Zayan – grace, beauty

Zeba – beautiful

Zehra – radiant, bright

Zubaidah – cream, excellence

Zumurrud – emerald

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Unisex Names That Mean Fear

Acheron (Greek) – river of woe

Agony (Greek) – pain, anguish

Angst (German) – anxiety, fear

Atropos (Greek) – one of the Fates, who cuts the thread of life

Bane (Old English) – curse, poison

Beelzebub (Hebrew) – lord of the flies, another name for the devil

Bogeyman (English) – a mythical creature used to scare children

Creepy (English) – causing fear or disgust

Death (English) – the end of life

Dread (English) – a feeling of great fear

Eerie (English) – strange and frightening

Fearsome (English) – causing fear

Fright (English) – sudden fear

Ghoulish (English) – ghostly or horrifying

Grim (English) – severe, forbidding, or frightening

Grotesque (Italian) – fantastically or repulsively ugly or strange

Horror (English) – a feeling of intense fear

Ichabod (Hebrew) – where is the glory?

Jinn (Arabic) – a supernatural creature that can be good or evil

Jinx (English) – a bad luck charm

Malevolent (French) – having or showing a wish to do evil; malicious

Morbid (French) – relating to or concerned with death or disease

Nightmarish (English) – like or relating to a nightmare

Omen (Latin) – a sign or event that is believed to be a warning of something bad to come

Panic (Greek) – sudden extreme fear

Phantom (Greek) – a ghost or apparition

Possessed (English) – controlled by a demon or other evil spirit

Scary (English) – causing fear

Sinister (Latin) – threatening harm or evil

Spook (English) – a ghost

Terrifying (English) – causing extreme fear

Terror (Latin) – extreme fear

Uncanny (English) – strange or mysterious in a way that causes fear or unease

Unearthly (English) – not of this world; not belonging to the earth

Ash (Old English) – tree associated with death and mourning

Cain (Hebrew) – the first murderer in the Bible

Damien (Greek) – tamer; in the horror film The Omen, Damien is the son of Satan

Draco (Latin) – dragon

Freddy (Old English) – peaceful ruler; in the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger is a serial killer who haunts his victims’ dreams

Grimm (German) – fierce; the Brothers Grimm wrote many dark fairy tales

Raven (Old English) – black bird associated with death and bad luck

Reaper (English) – the Grim Reaper is a personification of death

Salem (Hebrew) – peace; the Salem witch trials were a dark period in American history

Shadow (Old English) – darkness; shadows can be associated with fear and mystery

Vampire (Slavic) – blood-sucking undead creature

Wolf (Old English) – wild animal associated with danger and fear

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