300+ Names That Mean Electric for Boys and Girls

In the realm of baby names, each carries a unique essence, a linguistic tapestry woven with meanings that often reflect aspirations, qualities, or symbols. For those seeking a moniker that resonates with energy, vitality, and the dynamic force of electricity, a captivating array of names awaits exploration.

These names, steeped in creativity and symbolism, embody the electrifying spirit one may wish to bestow upon a child. From classical derivations to imaginative coinages, the compilation of “Names That Mean Electric” extends beyond mere linguistic constructs, offering an opportunity to infuse a spark of vigor into the very essence of a name. Whether inspired by units of electrical measurement, luminosity, or the pioneers of electricity, each name on this list invites parents on a journey of discovery, promising a distinctive and vibrant choice for their little one.

Names That Mean Electric for Boys

Aiden – Little fire

Akhil – Complete

Amay – Bright

Anurag – Attachment, devotion

Arhaan – Ruler

Arnav – Ocean

Ayaan – Gift of God

Ayush – Long lived

Barun – Lord of the waters

Chaitanya – Life, consciousness

Daksh – Capable, competent

Darpan – Mirror

Deepak – Lamp, light

Dev – God

Dhruv – Pole star, steadfast

Diwakar – Sun

Dwij – Twice born

Ekdant – One teeth

Elezar – God has helped

Elkan – God created

Eshwar – Lord Shiva

Gazal – Love poem

Hari – Green, remover of sins

Harish – Lord Krishna

Harit – Green

Hemang – Golden bodied

Hitesh – Lord of goodness

Indra – King of gods

Ishaan – Lord Vishnu

Jai – Victory

Jatin – Ascetic

Jivan – Life, living

Kabeer – Great

Kalyan – Welfare

Kiran – Ray of light

Kshitij – Horizon

Kunal – Lotus

Lakshya – Aim, goal

Lalit – Beautiful

Madhav – Sweet like honey

Manik – Ruby

Mehul – Rain clouds

Mihir – Sun rays

Mohit – Ensnarled

Naman – Salutation

Navdeep – New flame

Neel – Blue

Ojas – Brilliance

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Om – Sacred spiritual symbol

Parth – Arjun’s name

Pranav – Sacred sound Om

Prateek – Symbol

Pranshu – Tall

Pratyush – Sun rise

Prem – Love

Punit – Holy, sacred

Raghav – Descendent of Lord Rama

Rajnish – Lord of night

Rakesh – Lord of the full moon day

Ravi – Sun

Reyansh – Ray of light

Rohit – Red, blood-colored

Roshan – Shining, luminous

Rudra – Shiva, the destroyer

Sachin – Pure

Samar – War, battle

Sandeep – Enlightened

Sanjay – Victorious

Shankar – Lord Shiva

Shubh – Auspicious

Soham – I am Him

Sujal – Pure water

Sumit – Well-disciplined

Surya – The sun

Swarit – Self-dependent

Swastik – Auspicious symbol

Tapesh – Warmth, blaze

Tej – Radiance, splendor

Uday – Sunrise

Ujjwal – Luminous, radiant

Ved – Sacred knowledge

Veer – Brave, warrior

Vibhav – Wealthy

Vidur – Wise

Viraj – Resplendent, splendid

Vivan – Full of life

Vivek – Conscience

Yash – Fame, glory

Yug – Era, age

Zayan – Bright, beauty

Zohar – Light, brightness

Aadit – Peak, mountain

Aahan – Dawn, morning

Aarnav – Ocean

Aayansh – First rays of the sun

Abhay – Fearless

Abhik – Fearless

Abhimanyu – Arjuna’s son

Abhinav – Fresh, new, young

Abhiram – Pleasing, attractive

Aditi – Boundless

Advit – Unique

Amaan – Wish, desire

Anish – Close, intimate

Anubhav – Experience

Aryan – Noble

Ashvik – Blessing

Aviral – Continuous

Ayansh – First ray of light

Chaitan – Life

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Names That Mean Electric for Girls

Electra – Greek, meaning “shining” or “bright.”

Voltara – A play on “volt,” a unit of electric potential.

Zapara – Inspired by the sound of electricity, “zap.”

Eneria – A blend of “energy” and a feminine ending.

Wattina – Derived from “watt,” a unit of power.

Lumina – Latin, meaning “light.”

Ampara – Derived from “ampere,” a unit of electric current.

Joula – Inspired by the “joule,” a unit of energy.

Aurora – Latin, meaning “dawn” or “light.”

Tesla – Named after Nikola Tesla, the inventor and engineer.

Radiance – Meaning a bright or radiant energy.

Galvina – Derived from “galvanic,” related to electricity.

Sparkle – Suggesting the spark of energy.

Megaia – A blend of “mega,” representing a million, and “gaia,” meaning Earth.

Flickera – Inspired by the flickering of lights.

Eliora – A combination of “Eli,” meaning “my God,” and “ora,” meaning light.

Ampella – A feminine twist on “ampere.”

Zephyra – Greek, meaning “west wind” or “gentle breeze.”

Radiantia – A variation of “radiant,” meaning emitting light.

Kilowatta – A play on “kilowatt,” a unit of power.

Dynara – A fusion of “dynamic” and a feminine ending.

Voltaia – Inspired by Alessandro Volta, a pioneer in electricity.

Luminara – Combining “luminous” and a feminine ending.

Energique – A French-inspired twist on “energetic.”

Fusiona – Referring to the process of nuclear fusion.

Celestia – Latin, meaning “heavenly” or “divine.”

Blitzia – Inspired by “blitz,” meaning a sudden, intense effort.

Powera – A creative twist on “power.”

Alectrona – Derived from the Greek word for “sunbeam.”

Zingara – Suggesting a vibrant, energetic personality.

Kinesis – Greek, meaning “movement” or “activity.”

Wattara – A combination of “watt” and a feminine ending.

Eclara – A blend of “electric” and a feminine touch.

Amplyra – Combining “amp” and a lyrical element.

Luxia – Latin, meaning “light” or “brightness.”

Boltra – A play on “bolt,” suggesting a burst of energy.

Vivacia – Derived from “vivacious,” meaning lively and animated.

Electrina – A feminine form of “electric.”

Solaris – Latin, meaning “of the sun” or “sunlight.”

Fulgura – Latin, meaning “lightning.”

Vivifyra – Derived from “vivify,” meaning to enliven or animate.

Quanta – Referring to quantum energy.

Auroraia – A variation of “Aurora” with a unique twist.

Kineta – Greek, meaning “movement” or “motion.”

Circuita – Inspired by an electrical circuit.

Astraea – Greek, meaning “star-maiden.”

Elysia – Greek, meaning “light” or “sunlight.”

Wattena – A variation of “watt” with a feminine ending.

Radiata – A variation of “radiant.”

Serenia – Derived from “serene,” suggesting calm and peaceful energy.

Joltara – Inspired by the jolt of electricity.

Solaria – A celestial and solar-inspired name.

Chargea – Inspired by the electric charge.

Vortexa – Suggesting a whirlwind of energy.

Eneritha – A creative twist on “energy.”

Plasmara – Referring to plasma, an energetic state of matter.

Phoebe – Greek, meaning “bright” or “pure.”

Cyclara – Suggesting a cyclical and dynamic energy.

Electrinae – A unique twist on “electric.”

Zephyrine – Feminine form of Zephyr, the west wind.

Ampora – A blend of “amp” and a feminine ending.

Novaia – Suggesting a new and powerful energy.

Galea – Derived from “gale,” meaning a strong wind.

Flareia – Inspired by a bright and sudden burst, like a flare.

Powerette – A playful and feminine twist on “power.”

Fervora – Suggesting intense and passionate energy.

Quantessa – A feminine form of “quantum.”

Zingara – Suggesting a vibrant and lively energy.

Lumara – A combination of “luminous” and a feminine touch.

Voltessa – A feminine form of “volt.”

Kinetique – A French-inspired variation of “kinetic.”

Electriva – A creative twist on “electric.”

Vitalia – Meaning vital and full of life.

Aetheria – Derived from “aether,” meaning the upper air or clear sky.

Amperisa – A feminine form of “ampere.”

Radiara – A fusion of “radiant” and a feminine ending.

Quantara – A blend of “quantum” and a feminine ending.

Lustra – Suggesting a shining and radiant energy.

Dynara – A combination of “dynamic” and a feminine touch.

Wattara – A play on “watt” with a feminine touch.

Soleia – Derived from “solar,” meaning related to the sun.

Energelle – A playful and feminine variation of “energy.”

Ampella – A creative twist on “amp.”

Sparca – A fusion of “spark” and a feminine ending.

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Unisex Names That Mean Electric

Bijli (Hindi) – Electricity

Chashmali (Persian) – Electric

Kahraba (Arabic) – Electricity

Volt (English) – A unit of electromotive force

Akari (Japanese) – Bright

Anya (Russian) – Light

Astra (Greek) – Star

Aurora (Latin) – Dawn, sunrise

Clair (French) – Bright, clear

Dawn (English) – First appearance of light in the morning

Elektra (Greek) – Shining

Eliora (Hebrew) – God is my light

Ellen (Greek) – Ray of shining light

Faven (African) – Light

Haylen (English) – Hall of light

Helen (Greek) – Sunray or shining bright

Helena (Greek) – Bright

Hikaru (Japanese) – Light

Ilene (Greek) – Light

Iliana (Spanish) – Ray of light

Ilona (Hungarian) – Light

Keira (Irish) – Dark-haired, bright

Leora (Greek) – Light

Lucia (Latin) – Light

Noor (Arabic) – Light

Ray (English) – Ray of light

Sol (Spanish) – Sun

Stella (Latin) – Star

Chase (English) – To hunt or pursue, with the implication of excitement and energy

Dyna (Greek) – Powerful

Ember (English) – A small glowing piece of burning coal or wood, suggesting warmth and energy

Everett (English) – Bold, strong

Flame (English) – A burning gas, typically giving light and heat, suggesting energy and passion

Flynn (Irish) – Descendant of the red-haired warrior, suggesting strength and energy

Force (English) – A strong physical power or influence, suggesting energy and dynamism

Kai (Hawaiian) – Sea, suggesting the power and energy of the ocean

Kiran (Sanskrit) – Ray of light

Lior (Hebrew) – My light

Power (English) – The ability or faculty of doing or acting, typically implying strength and forcefulness

Rayne (English) – Rain, suggesting the freshness and energy of rain

Spark (English) – A small particle of burning matter thrown off from a fire, suggesting energy and vitality

Veda (Sanskrit) – Knowledge, suggesting enlightenment and energy

Amber (English) – A hard, yellow-brown fossil resin, suggesting warmth and energy

Blaze (English) – A large, bright fire, suggesting energy and passion

Blitz (German) – Lightning, suggesting speed and power

Bright (English) – Shining clearly with a strong light, suggesting intelligence and energy

Comet (English) – A celestial body consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust and a surrounding coma, which, when orbiting close to the Sun, develops a long luminous tail, suggesting energy and dynamism

Cosmo (Italian) – Order, harmony, suggesting the balance of energy in the universe

Electra (Greek) – Shining, suggesting the brilliance of electricity

Ember (English) – A small glowing piece of burning coal or wood, suggesting warmth and energy

Flare (English) – A sudden burst of light or heat, suggesting the intensity of energy

Flash (English) – A sudden bright light, suggesting the speed and brilliance of electricity

Flame (English) – A burning gas, typically giving light and heat, suggesting energy and passion

Galaxy (English) – A system of millions or billions of stars held together by gravity, suggesting the vastness and power of energy in the universe

Glitter (English) – To sparkle or gleam with small bright flashes of light, suggesting the brilliance of electricity

Glow (English) – To shine with a soft steady light, suggesting the warmth and energy of electricity

Halo (Greek) – A ring or circle of light around the head of a saint, angel, or other divine figure, suggesting the radiance of energy

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