Melissa Bumstead Net Worth, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Melissa Bumstead’s rise to becoming an influential figure in the fitness industry was an unexpected one. Prior to 2012, she had no interest in health and fitness. It was meeting her partner, who competed in bodybuilding shows, that sparked her passion for training and sculpting her physique. She has an estimated net worth of $2million and her height is 5 feet and 4 inches.

Over the past decade, Melissa has wholeheartedly committed to her fitness journey. She earned her IFBB Pro Card in Figure competition, allowing her to compete at the professional level. To date, she has stepped on stage at over 11 IFBB Pro shows and continues to bring her best package each time.

Even as an accomplished competitor, Melissa maintains a beginner’s mindset at every show. She draws energy from her loyal fans, who motivate her to consistently share new photos and videos documenting her prep on social media.

Melissa’s influencer platform allows her to showcase both her physique progression and her authentic personality. She has built a brand as someone who is open about both her struggles and triumphs along the fitness path. Her transparent and inspirational story resonates with audiences.

Though she stumbled into the world of bodybuilding and competing, Melissa Bumstead has embraced the journey fully. She serves as a relatable yet aspirational figure, evidencing the rewards of determination and perseverance. Her ever-growing impact continues to motivate both novice and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike.

Melissa Bumstead Bio & Facts

    Name      Melissa Bumstead
    Net Worth          $2 Million
    Nickname          Angel
    D.O.B      December 6, 1990
    Age         32 Years
    Gender        Female
    Profession      Bodybuilder
    Zodiac        Sagittarius
    Nationality        Canadian
    Birthplace        Canada
    Children      NA

Melissa Bumstead Education

There is not much information available on the Melissa Bumstead primary and higher education. He studied in Goventary high school in Canada. She majored in English and had been a successful track and field athlete.

Melissa Bumstead Profession

Melissa Bumstead is a professional bodybuilder and fitness influencer by profession and often competes in IFBB and other prestigious bodybuilding competitions.

Melissa Bumstead Physical Stats

        Height    5 feet and 4 inch
        Weight    64 kg
        Chest    41 inch
        Waist    28 inch
        Legs    24 inch
        Arms    15 inch

Melissa Bumstead Net Worth

Though we don’t have exact crystal clear numbers in our hands related to Melissa Bumstead all sources of income, on an average, the total net worth of Melissa Bumstead is around $2 million. The numbers can vary as the new sponsorships, endorsements, and prize money fluctuates every year.

Melissa Bumstead Family & Relatives

Husband/ Boyfriend: Chris Bumstead

Father: NA

Mother: NA

Children: NA

Relatives: NA

What is The Height of Melissa Bumstead

The exact height of Melissa Bumstead is 5 feet and 4 inches.

What is The Weight of Melissa Bumstead

The approximate weight of Melissa Bumstead is 64 kg. However, the body weight increases and decreases as the competition approaches.

Is Melissa Bumstead a Professional Bodybuilder?

Yes, Melissa Bumstead is a professional bodybuilder and owns an IFBB card.

What is the Age of  Melissa Bumstead

Melissa Bumstead is 32 years old and her birthday falls on 6th December of  every year.

Who is The Husband of Melissa Bumstead

IFBB Pro and Mr Olympia Physique winner Chris Bumstead is the husband or boyfriend of Melissa Bumstead.

Does Melissa Bumstead Have Kids?

There is no information available on Melissa Bumstead kids.

Melissa Bumstead Social Media Presence

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Melissa Bumstead Bodybuilding Achievements


Arnold Classic, USA – 15th place


Figure Olympia – 12th place

Tampa Pro – 1st place

Los Angeles Pro – 2nd place

Vancouver Pro – 4th place

Toronto Pro Supershow – 2nd 

Europa Orlando Pro – 4th place


Vancouver Pro – 4th place

Toronto Pro Supershow – 5th place


CBBF Canadian Bikini, Figure, Fitness, and Physique Championships – 1st place (Class F, Overall)

Melissa Bumstead Early Life

In her initial foray into the realm of bodybuilding, Melissa’s heart was captivated by the exquisite allure of the Figure class. The poised elegance exuded by the figure athletes during their stage performances ignited a fervent admiration within her. This profound appreciation ultimately served as the catalyst for her resolute decision to align herself with the Figure class as her chosen competitive category.

As the months evolved into years within the competitive circuit, Melissa’s commitment deepened, propelling her to elevate the intensity of her training and meticulously tailor her diet. This unrelenting dedication bore remarkable fruit as her physique underwent a stunning transformation, evolving into a testament of her unyielding labor. The pinnacle of her efforts materialized in 2015 when she clinched victory at the Canadian Nationals, a triumph that not only adorned her with the coveted Pro Card but also solidified her stature as a force to be reckoned with.

In the wake of her Pro Card attainment, Melissa’s journey surged forward with a tenacity undeterred by the rigors of constant show preparations. Over the course of numerous arduous challenges, she has graced the professional stage in no less than 11 fiercely contested competitions. Amidst the occasional fatigue that accompanies such a demanding path, Melissa’s unwavering commitment remains steadfast. Far from contemplating a deceleration, she possesses an unquenchable thirst to persistently propel herself forward.

Every instance she steps onto the stage, a symphony of emotions harmonize within her, and her ardor for the sport amplifies. Melissa’s ongoing participation in the Figure division is a testament not just to her physical prowess but also to her emotional connection to the art of bodybuilding. With each pose and every display of her sculpted physique, she becomes a living embodiment of her passion, etching her mark onto the tapestry of competitive bodybuilding.

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