Good Night in Bosnian Language

Good Night in Bosnian Wishes: When the Sun is lost in the gloomy aura of the evening, all birds return to their little homes, and the bleak essence of the night takes over, everyone goes into a state of deep slumber to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul. However, before you sleep like a Goliath, it’s better to send your near and dear ones lovely and inspiring good-night texts to help them forget the hardships of the whole day and sleep without any stress. Moreover, sending sweet good-night messages to your loved ones also insinuates that you care about them and they are the last thoughts in your mind before you hop on to your bed and sleep peacefully. In this post, we have curated the best and the most comprehensive way to wish your kith and kin good night in Bosnian language residing in a beautiful country like Bosnian and also know the Bosnian language proficiently.

We have jotted down more than 51 ways to wish good night in Bosnian language that will make the process of sending good night Bosnian wishes hassle free for you. Go through the post meticulously and if you think we have missed other variations of good night in Bosnian language wishes, let us know in the comment section.

How To Say Good Night in Bosnian Language

Good Night!

Laku noc!

Good night everyone!

Laku noć svima!

Good night and god bless you!

Laku noć i Bog vas blagoslovio!

Good night and I love you!

Laku noć i volim te!

Good night and sleep tight!

Laku noć i čvrsto spavaj!

Good night and sleep well!

Laku noć i spavaj dobro!

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Good night and have sweet dreams!

Laku noć i imaju slatke snove!

Good night and may you have lovely dreams!

Laku noć i možda imate divne snove!

Good night and stay blessed!

Laku noć i ostanite blagoslovljeni!

Good night to my beautiful mother!

Laku noć svojoj predivnoj majci!

Good night to the best dad ever!

Laku noć najboljem tati ikad!

Good night to my dashing brother!

Laku noć mom bratu koji iscedi!

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Good night to my sweeter than sugar sister!

Laku noć svom slađim od šećerne sestre!

Good night to all my awesome friends!

Laku noć svim mojim strašnim prijateljima!

Good night to my cute grandma!

Laku noć svojoj slatkoj baki!

Good night to my amazing grandfather!

Laku noć za moj nevjerojatan djed!

Good night to all my amazing colleagues!

Laku noć svim mojim neverovatnim kolegama!

Good night to the most hardworking boss ever.

Laku noć na najodređeniji šef ikad.

Good night to my sweet and notorious family!

Laku noć svojoj slatkoj i zloglasnoj porodici!

Good night to all my schoolmates.

Laku noć svim mojim školskim kolegama.

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Good night to the most inspiring and dedicated teacher!

Laku noć na najiskusniju i namijenjeni učitelj!

Good night to my gorgeous aunt!

Laku noć svojoj prekrasnoj tetki!

Good night to my crazy rich uncle!

Laku noć mom ludom bogatom ujaku!

Good night to the most caring sister-in-law.

Laku noć najprirodnoj sestri u niskoj.

Good night to the most supporting brother-in-law.

Laku noć najprirodnijem bratu-u-niskom.

Good night to my sexy girlfriend!

Laku noć mojoj seksi djevojci!

Good night to my darling boyfriend!

Laku noć mojem dragi dečko!

Good night to the world’s best mother in law!

Laku noć za najbolju svetsku majku!

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Good night to my successful father in law!

Laku noć mojem uspješnom ocu!

Good night to my angel son!

Laku noć svom sinu anđela!

Good night to my quirky daughter!

Laku noć mojoj ženici!

Good night to my cute grandson!

Laku noć svom slatkom unuku!

Good night to my chirpy granddaughter!

Laku noć mojoj bačici!

Good night stepfather!

Laku noćna očuha!

Good night stepmother!

Laku noć maćeha!

Good night to my intelligent stepson!

Laku noć svom inteligentnom pastunu!

Good night to my amazing stepdaughter!

Laku noć svojoj neverovatnoj pasturi!

Good night to my beautiful fiance!

Laku noć mojem predivnom verenju!

Good night to my special wife!

Laku noć mojoj posebnoj supruzi!

Good night to my beloved husband!

Laku noć svom voljenom mužu!

Good night to my amazing godfather!

Laku noć za moju neverovatnu kumu!

Good night to my cute nephew!

Laku noć mojoj slatkoj nećaku!

Good night to my stunning niece!

Laku noć svojoj zapanjujućoj nećakinji!

Good night to my protective godmother!

Laku noć mojoj zaštitnoj kumu!

Good night to the love of my life!

Laku noć ljubavi mog života!

Good night and wake up with a smile!

Laku noć i probudite se sa osmijehom!

Good night neighbors!

Laku noć susjede!

Good night jesus!

Laku noć Isuse!

Good night and take care!

Laku noć i vodite računa!

Good night and thank you for everything!

Laku noć i hvala vam na svemu!

Good night and have a speedy recovery!

Laku noć i brzo se oporavi!

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